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I am doing some testing on an isolated network using WAMP Server to prove we can pass IP traffic over different pieces of internet equipment. I use different devices to access WAMP server from the local network. This requires us to firstly find out the IP address(es) of mobile devices or computers, then add them to the white-list. If you also find yourself needing to know what the IP address of your iPhone or iPad, this quick guide is just for you. We will walk you through the easy steps to find IP address of your iPhone.

How to find the IP Address of your iPhone, iPad?

Open the Settings on iPhone or iPad, tap on Wi-Fi. Touch the toggle to turn on Wi-Fi and connect your iPhone to the Wi-Fi network. Tap on the Information button (blue i within the circle) next to the active network name. You will then see the details of the selected WiFi network, see below screenshot.

view ip address of iphone

You can find the iPhone’s IP address is displayed above, along with your router IP and more.

View the iPhone IP Address from PC or another phone?

You can also access your router admin panel from a PC, Mac or another smartphone, then find and view the IP address of your iPhone, iPad from there. See also this tutorial to view your router’s IP address using iPhone or the steps to find router IP in Windows 10.

Finding external IP address of iPhone

Need to known your IP address in the internet other than its IP in the local network. Check out following guide to find out IP address on Samsung mobile. You will find websites and online tools to quickly show your iPhone’s public IP address.

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