Find IP address on LG mobile phone

On smartphones you can find two kinds of IP addresses. One is the local IP address of your phone when connected to a local network. The other is the public IP address of your phone when connected to the internet. For networking, troubleshooting, gaming, or tech support purposes, we may need to determine the IP address of our phone. In this article, we will show you how to find out IP address for LG mobile phones.

Find IP address on LG mobile phone

On your phone’s home screen, touch to open Settings, choose Networks >> Wi-Fi. Touch the ON/OFF toggle to turn Wi-Fi on in the upper right corner to see available networks and connect your LG phone to a Wi-Fi network if not yet. After that touch the More menu(three vertical dots) at the top right corner, select Advanced Wi-Fi from the drop-down menu list. Scroll down to the bottom of the Advanced Wi-Fi screen, you will see the Information section where you can find the Mac address of your LG phone and its IP addresses. You can see both IPv6 and IPv4 of your LG mobile phone.

find ip address on lg mobile phone

IPv4 vs IPv6

IPv4 is the most widely deployed Internet protocol currently. It is a 32-bit numeric address written in decimal as four numbers separated by periods, i.e IPv6 is the newest version of the Internet Protocol. IPv6 addresses are 128-bit IP address written in hexadecimal and separated by colons.

Find public IP address on LG mobile

Connect your phone to the internet via cellular data or Wi-Fi. Then visit a web IP address lookup service or site. Your external or public IP address will be displayed. You can refer to this guide to find out IP address on Samsung and Android phone. Scroll down to the lower section of above linked article for more details.

Find IP address of your router using a LG mobile phone

Every device connected to the network has its own IP address, including your router, desktop, laptop and any mobile devices connected to your Wi-Fi router. See also these steps to lookup your router IP address using a LG mobile.