How to find IP address of your router on Samsung phone?

Generally speaking, you may need to use a computer to access router and change its settings. Sometimes however you do not have neither laptop nor desktop PC nearby and you need to configure your router. Your phone is connected to the wireless network, is it possible to access router for the configuration using your mobile phone? In this article, we will show you how to do it using a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone. The first thing you need to do is to find the IP address of your router on the phone.

Steps to find router IP address using Samsung mobile phone

Finding the IP address of your router using a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone is easy. Connect your phone to the Wi-Fi network from Settings >> Wi-Fi. Once your phone is connected, tap the network name to display the network details. You should see your phone IP address, gateway IP address, DNS and more information. See also this guide to find IP address of your Samsung phone.

find router ip address on samsung mobile phone

Generally speaking the Gateway IP is the IP address of your router.

Alternatively, you can also head to Settings >> Wi-Fi, long press on the current Wi-Fi network until you see the pop-up menu with the option ‘Modify network config’. Tap this item, you should also be able to find your router’s IP address on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

After that you can launch the web browser app on your smartphone. Enter the router IP address and visit, then you’ll be able to log in to your router admin panel’s web interface.

The settings may differ across various Android versions, phone models.

Other ways to find router IP address using PC or other mobile phones

Double check the product manual for the router if available. The default router IP should be included in its manual. Check the label at the back of your router see if the router IP can be found. If you are using Windows PC, check out this tutorial to find router’s IP in Windows 10. iOS users can follow these steps to see the IP address of your router on iPhone or iPad.