Find the missing Menu buttons on Android phones

Most Android apps now include a Menu or More options (usually three dots) buttun within the apps themselves. This reduces the need for a physical Menu button. Android mobile phone manufacturers also change their devices a bit. The physical menu button is now replaced by the multitasking button. If you use a recent Samsung Galaxy phone model, tap on the capacitive button to the left of Home button, you will get the multitasking switcher. This multitasking key on Android phone you can get you switch across recently-used apps easily. For those Android users who used the Menu key a lot with their old Android phone model, it takes some time to get used to the new multitasking key. Now most Android phones have three physical keys or buttons in front of the device: the Home button, the Back button and the new Multitasking, fast app switcher, or recently-used apps button.

Switch between Multitasking and Menu buttons on Samsung

Are you using a Samsung Galaxy phone? We found the traditional menu button on Samsung phones is not really missing. Several Samsung Android phones, like Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Alpha, do not ditch the traditional capacitive menu key completely.  In place of the Menu button, the Samsung Galaxy mobile phones offer one-touch access to recent applications for fast multitasking. In certain applications, notably the WhatsApp for Android, you can still touch and hold or long press the Recent Apps (multitasking button or recent apps switcher button) button to view the Menu options.