Find IP Address of your router on LG Android mobile phone

Most mobile phone users just connect their phones or tablets to Wi-Fi networks to get online, not aware or bothered in any ways about things like router configuration, devices’ IP addresses. Sometimes however you may need to know your home router’s IP address for Wi-Fi password update, router security settings, router firmware update, home network configuration and so on. Where to find the IP address of your home Wi-Fi router on the phone? In this article you will learn how to find the router IP address on an Android mobile phone other than your desktop or laptop computer. We will use a LG smartphone which is running on Android 7 in the demo. The settings and screen captures may differ across different phone models, Android versions. This method can also help you view router IP address from other Android powered mobile phones, Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola, Nexus, Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE and so on. If you have access to a Windows PC, you can refer to following guide for finding router IP address on a Windows 10 PC.

Find your router IP Address on LG & Android mobile phone

Unlock your LG phone screen if it was locked. Head to Settings >> Networks, touch the Wi-Fi toggle to turn on Wi-Fi and your should should automatically connect to your network if it has been connected to it in the past. Tap the Wi-Fi title or the More icon (ellipsis) to open the Wi-Fi networks screen where you can see a list of all networks in range with the currently connected network at the top. Long press the active network until you get the contextual menu. Choose Modify Network from the menu. Then touch to enable Show advanced options. After that you should see more options such as Proxy settings, IP settings, Status, Signal strength, Link speed, Security. Find IP settings entry, you will see it defaults to DHCP. Tap on it and switch to Static, you will get a screen like this.

show gateway, router ip address on lg & android mobile phones

Your gateway IP address can then be displayed. It is also your home wireless router’s IP by default. Using this IP address, you can access your router’s web admin interface using your favorite browser on the mobile devices.

Find IP address of LG mobile phone

Every device connected to the network has its own IP address, including your router and any mobile devices connected to your Wi-Fi. See also these steps to lookup IP address of LG mobile phone.