Foxmail is a freeware e-mail client for Windows and Mac developed by Tencent, an Internet-based platform company from China. Foxmail is easy to use, fast, and powerful too, works fairly well on PC and Mac.

foxmail logo
foxmail logo

Foxmail Features

All-new design: It was redesigned the way Foxmail looks and works. The new Foxmail looks fresh, clean, and brings clarity to the entire experience. You know good design when you use it.

Rebuilt for performance: Loving Foxmail is easy because of its good performance. Now the new Foxmail is faster, more responsive, more reliable even under the mass data up to millions messages.

Note everything: Use Foxmail notepad function, you can record while working, easily organize useful information. Foxmail will Keep all of your notes in sync with QQMail both in web and mobile.

Extra large attachments: Foxmail let you bypass the annoying server restriction on attachment size. Sharing life is made easier thanks to extra large attachment support*.

foxmail for windows - inbox
foxmail for windows – inbox

*Note:  Authorization is required to use extra large attachment. 


Download Foxmail for Windows from its official website here, Mac users can get this free email client from Mac App Store here.

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