Make Free Calls using WhatsApp WeChat Viber for Mobile

There are many free chat or instant message apps for mobile allow you to make free phone calls using your wi-fi network or data plan. In this article, we will show you how to make free calls using WhatsAp, WeChat and Viber on your mobile phones, like iPhone, Samsung, Android, Windows phone, Nokia, HTC, Motorola, LG, Blackberry and more.

Make Free Calls using WeChat

WeChat is really rich featured chat app. It is cross-platform for all kinds of mobile phones, such as iPhone, Samsung, Android, Windows phone, Nokia, Symbian phones, Blackberry. You can make voice chat, group chat, video calls, voice calls, and more fun things. In the Chats or WeChat window with your friend, press the + button on the right side to bring up the menu as below.

make free calls using wechat for mobile

From above screenshot, tap on the Video Call, you will then call the opened contacts within WeChat, a Switch to voice call button will shows up. You can continue making free video calls using WeChat, or you can switch to the voice call mode to make free voice calls on your phone. If you are using WeChat for iOS, see how to make free calls using Wechat on iPhone?

WhatsApp voice calls

Latest upate: WhatsApp calling is now available, see how to make free calls using WhatsApp on Android phone?

Voice calls over WhatsApp is a frequently requested feature. Many WhatsApp users want not just send instant messages, share photos on mobile phones, or swap contacts between Android phones or Android and iPhone. As the biggest instant messaging app in the world, WhatsApp can’t miss out the voice call feature. As of August 2014, WhatsApp has 600 million active users, so the demand is huge. Its competitors like WeChat, Viber and Line already allow users to make calls. WhatsApp will introduce voice calling feature in its app, that’s for sure. For those who do not want to wait for this new feature, you can use other instant messaging apps for now.

Make Free Calls using Viber

Viber lets you make free phone calls and send text, sticker, photo, voice and video messages for free to anyone who also has the application installed. You can make free calls to any device that has Viber, on any network from your laptop, desktop, iPhone, Andriod phones, Windows phone, Blackberry, Bada, Nokia.

make free calls using viber for mobile

To make a free call using Viber, tap the Contacts button to see all of the people in your phone’s contacts who currently use Viber. When you see a Viber badge next to his/her name, it means the contact is using Viber app on his/her phone. Tapping on a contact will give two distinct options: Free Call, and Free Text. Select Free Call to make free voice call on your phone using Viber app. Note only contacts with the Viber badge can be called for free.

More Apps to make free calls on your mobile

It is not only WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber that can help you make phone calls for free. You can also find many other similar apps, such as Skype, Messenger, Line, etc. Check out this guide, see how you can make free calls using FB Messenger on iPhone.

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  1. I run guided tours in Oxford and so I spend money calling back or texting back international customers’ phone numbers who see my business advertised and call me up to book my tours. This means I often have to return the call and I would prefer to not get charged international calling rates from my UK business mobile number advertised.

    I know there are apps like skype, viber, whatsup, wechat. However, as far as I know, all of these apps require that before I can call my customers free using these apps, my client also has to have registered my number to receive the call free- is that correct? As my customers don’t yet know me, they are not going to mess around with registering my number plus I need to call my customers back before they call and book one of my competitors.

    I do have a cheap lebara separate number from my business phone number but then that confuses customer as they don’t recognise number I am calling back from plus I turn my lebara phone number phone off at all times except when I rarely need to use it. So my question is what apps or phone networks do you think will best let me make free or very cheap calls using same usual number and without having to make a reliable internet connection to connect to a website page? I mention this latter point as where I work, I can use apps on my phone but trying to actually connect to the internet is hopeless in Oxford city centre. Obviously, I can’t be waiting ages to get an internet connection using my phone internet browser…just to be able to then try and make a call.

    Any advice most appreciated. For your info, I am currently on Vodafone network and I pay for a surcharge bundle of 100 free international texts at £5 beyond my monthly call plan.

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