Free DVD Player for Windows 10

Microsoft has recently rolled out latest Windows OS, the Windows 10. Many Windows users have upgraded to Windows 10 for free from previous versions, such as Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. Windows 10 has won praise for several new features, such as new Edge browser, new Start menu, etc. However there are some very basic features are missing, such as the support for playing DVDs. Now if you want to play DVD movies on Windows 10, you have to buy a DVD Player from Microsoft app store or download third party free DVD players for Windows 10.

Microsoft DVD Player for Windows 10

The official Windows DVD Player for Microsoft is priced at $15 with very limited features. Technically it plays DVDs on your PC with simple controls for disc navigation.

microsoft windows dvd player for win 10

According to real users’ feedback it has at least following cons on the current version:

  • deinterlacer isn’t the best, still leaves jagged edges
  • image resizing issues (crops image oddly) when changing between full screen and windowed
  • no auto detection of aspect ratio on 4:3 dvds
  • does not de-interlace menus
  • no way to change audio tracks
  • no way to select from multiple subtitle tracks
  • does not play Blu-ray discs
  • does not play DVDs from a file backup, currently only plays DVD movies on optical discs.

Here we recommend a great Windows DVD Player alternative. It is absolutely free to download and use with many other features, such as converting videos, download online videos, burning DVDs, streaming videos to TV or other devices.

Free DVD Player for Windows 10

This Windows DVD player was designed as a video converter for Windows at the first place. Later the development team behind it added more and more useful features, such as playing videos, playing DVDs, playing music, converting videos, ripping DVDs, extracting audio, burning DVDs and many more. Most of its features are completely free to use. You can download the video converter free version and see how to play DVD movies on Windows 10 for free using this free DVD player below.

How to play DVDs on Windows 10 for free?

Run the free video tool on your PC, and insert your DVD disc to your DVD-ROM. From the top left corner of this video player, you have two bottons: Add files and Load DVD. To play DVD movies on Windows 10, you need to click Load DVD button. Note that the built-in video player within this Video Converter app also supports Blu ray movies. You will be able to play Blu-ray discs on Windows 10 with the free DVD player for Windows 10.

free dvd player and converter for windows 10

Your DVD movies was loaded from DVD-ROM to this free DVD player for Windows 10 on your PC. Simply click the video thumb with a play icon overlay to start playing the inserted DVD using this free Windows 10 DVD player.

free dvd player for windows 10

If interested, you can explore more features of this DVD player and video converter software below.

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