How to free up space on iPhone iPad?

If you run out of space on your iPhone, or you’re trying to update iOS, such as iOS 8 which requires nearly 6GB of available storage, or if you want to download some games or apps that are very large, you may want to free up some space on iPhone. In this article, we will offer several useful and quick tips on how to clear up your iPhone storage to make way for new data, photos, videos, apps, etc. iPhone 6, 6S, 6S plus, 6 plus users, can refer to this guide to manage storage space on iPhone 6.

First of all, you should check out your space and its usage so you can determine the strategies for making space. To find out the storage and usage on iPhone, go to Settings >> General >> Usage. For example, if you have many unwanted games or apps, you can go to delete these games or apps on iPhone to save space. If you have books, photos, videos, movies, songs or other files you do not like to keep on your phone, you can load them off from iPhone to computer to make room for new data.

check iphone storage usage

How to Delete Apps and Games for iOS on iPhone iPad iPod touch?

Go to Settings >> General >> Usage on your iPhone or iPad, you can find all installed iOS apps, downloaded games on your device and the storage space they use. You can tap on the iOS app or game and delete it from there.

delete ios app from iphone

If you like games, you may need to clear up those uninstalled games and free up the space. See this tutorial to deleted uninstalled games from iPad Game Center.

iOS system apps can’t be deleted on your iPhone iPad or iPod touch. However you may be able to clear up their space by deleting their data. For example, you can’t uninstall Photos app for iOS, but you can go to remove your saved photos and videos in the Photos app on iPhone or iPad, please continue reading more tips below.

How to Delete Photos and Videos on iPhone iPad?

In earlier versions of iOS, like iOS 7, iOS 6, you can delete any photos or videos from Camera Roll in a straightforward way. To remove photos and videos on your iOS devices is very easy. Simply run Photos app, browse to your photo albums or Camera roll, you can select and delete any photos and saved on your iPhone or iPad from there. Photos and videos usually take a lot of space storage on iPhone, by clearing them from iPhone you can save a lot of space. You can also back up your photos and videos from iPhone to computer if you like to keep them, so you can put them back anytime in the future. To transfer photos and videos from iPhone or iPad to computer, you can plug in your iOS device to computer through the USB data cable, browse to your iOS device from your computer, select and copy photos and videos in the Camera roll from iPhone to computer.

quotation markWe suggest you to back up your iPhone iPad regularly so in case of data loss or careless deletion, you can recover them. You can follow this guide to use iTunes to back up and restore iPhone content or this tutorial to export text messages, iMessages from iPhone to computer using an easy-to-use mobile phone data transfer software.

How to Delete Photos Videos in iOS 8?

However if you have upgraded to iOS 8, you will find that when you delete a photo or video in the Photos app for iPhone iPad or iPod touch, the file is not permanently deleted or erased from your iOS device. Instead they will be hidden in your Camera Roll but remain in a new Recently Deleted album. To permanently delete photos or videos in iOS 8, you have to delete the same files again from this special folder. See more tips here: How to properly delete photos and videos in iOS 8?

How to Delete Music on iPhone iPad?

Open Music app on iPhone, go to the Songs tab from the botton of the Music app, then swipe from right to left on the song you like to remove, you will reveal the Delete button in red, tap on this button the selected song will be deleted from your iPhone. See below screenshot.

swipe to delete songs on iphone

Have trouble deleting songs on iOS device? Check out this guide see more useful tips: how to delete music from iPhone iPad iPod touch?