Gapplin SVG viewer & converter for Mac

Gapplin is an SVG image viewer/converter for Mac.

This application has features especially for designers, who treat SVG images in their works. It’s the perfect way to use Gapplin as a live-previewer for SVG images besides editing them in your text editor. You can also process multiple SVG files using AppleScript or bundled Automator actions. In any case, you can, of course, use this as just a simple viewer.

Gapplin SVG image viewer converter for Mac

Gapplin for Mac Key Features

  • SVGZ preview
  • animation SVG preview
  • export to PNG/TIFF/PDF with alpha channel
  • WebKit rendering engine
  • auto-redraw
  • background color switch
  • Quick Look support for SVG/SVGZ files
  • AppleScript/Automator support
  • open displayed SVG files in your favorite editor


Get this free SVG viewer and converter from Mac App Store here.

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