GoPro Videos not Played Properly on Computer

When you have recorded videos using your GoPro camera and found the videos can’t be played properly on your computer, for example you experience choppy video playback, you can hear audio, but won’t see any video, most likely your computer is not able to process the data of the large HD video files fast enough. Do you have any trouble playing GoPro Hero videos on PC or Mac? Check out these workarounds and troubleshooting tips below. We know that GoPro Hero cameras can capture professional-quality videos, for example HERO3 White can capture 1080p 30fps video, HERO3+ Silver can capture gorgeous 1080p 60fps video, HERO4 can take time lapse videos with high data rates, HERO4 Black can shoot incredible high-resolution 4K 30fps and 2.7K 60fps video and the high frame rate 1080p 120fps video. Today we will introduce several easy to follow tips and tricks to help you play GoPro videos smoothly on PC or Mac computers.

Edit GoPro Videos

In a previous guide we discussed how to convert GoPro 4K videos on Mac and PC because we realized that many people can’t edit or play the 4K content from their GoPro Hero 4 camera using their video editors on Mac or PC. If you want to edit 4K videos or other HD videos but found your video application or program does not support these videos, you can firstly convert the video with appropriate codec and format, or downscale to lower data rate and/or resolution, then import them to your own video application for further editing or video player for playback on PC or Mac. This is the method we usually suggest.
convert gopro camera videos

Change media players

Instead of iTunes, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, you should use some video player that is more light weight, such as the KMPlayer, VLC media player, two of the most famous yet free video players with basic features. If you want something more advanced, we highly recommend you Video Converter & Player Ultimate, an all-in-one media solution for video & audio converting, video & audio playback, video downloading, video burning, streaming, etc. You can download it below and play GoPro videos on Mac and PC using this free tool.

KM player

Play GoPro videos on TV or monitor

You can connect your GoPro camera to a TV or monitor through direct HDMI cable and play back GoPro Hero camera captured HD videos. For example, you can play 4K videos on LG Ultra HD TVs.
LG Ultra HD 4K TV

Upload GoPro videos to YouTube or Vimeo

When you upload a very heavy video to a video-sharing and hosting website, like YouTube or Vimeo, your source video will be automatically downscaled for proper playback on computers. This is also a supplement workaround to convert or edit GoPro videos that are choppy. Once you uploaded the videos online, you can also download a computer optimized version on to your computer. Although YouTube will automatically rescale your uploaded video for best online display, you can also use third party video editors, such as iMovie, Quicktime Pro, Finalcut Pro to optimize videos for Youtube and get the best visual effect.
youtube video