How to hide & lock files, folders and drives on computer?

How to hide & lock files, folders and drives on computer, like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP? You can’t do that natively. Generally speaking, you should set a password to protect your Windows user account so others can’t enter into your computer without the password. And when you leave the computer, make sure to lock its screen. Sometimes however this is not enough. For example, you may need to authorize someone to use your computer temporarily. In this case you may need to set a separate password to lock or protect certain files, folders or hard drives on computer. To password protect your files and folders in Windows, you need to use a third-party security program, such as Folder Lock.

How do I lock my files and folders with a password on Windows PC?

The Folder Lock software is the all-in-one data locking tool for Windows users to encrypt, password protect, hide, shred, lock files, documents, folders and drives on computer and also protect USB drives, CDs, DVDs, portable hard drives, Flash drives and so on.

Step 1: Install the application on your computer.

Download the free trial version of the password protection software on to your Windows PC below. You can use it to password protect files, folders, and other Windows resources.

Step 2: Set a master password for the Folder Lock.

When you run this software for the first time, you will be prompted to set a master password. Every time you launch this software, you will need to input this password in order to run this security software so you can access your protected files and documents, add new files and data to protect, unlock or remove those locked files from the data lock program. You can use its built-in virtual keyboard to input the password for advanced security.

Step 3: Select a file, folder, hard drive to lock.

You can lock files and folders with a password on Windows PC, you can also lock the whole drive to deny any authorized access. Run the Folder Lock software on computer, then go to Lock Files >> Add, select Add File(s), Add Folder(s), or Add Drive(s), to hide and lock your files and folders or lock hard disk drives on computer. Locked files and folders will be hidden or invisible. No one can access them or even know their existence. In Windows OS, you can show or hide files, this is natively supported by the operating system. But to show hidden files in Windows computer will not make these protected files visible. This data lock program is much safer and easier to protect your important and sensitive files and documents on the computer.
lock files folders drives on computer

You will be able to open and view locked folders and drives within the Folder Lock program. Locked hard drives however will still be visible but not accessible. For example, if you add Drive D to the data lock utility, others who have access to your computer can still see the D drive, but they can’t open and view data in Drive D. Their access will be denied.

When some data, documents, files, folders, drives you do not like to protect with password anymore, you can simply unlock them from the Folder Lock software or remove them from the Folder Lock.

Protect files and folders with password on Windows computer — Video demo