Hide private photos, videos on Tecno mobile phone

Need to protect some sensitive photos, videos, such as those sexy photos, confidential documents and images, ID card photos? There are several methods you can use to hide private photos and videos on your mobile phone. For example, you can use a private photo vault app, file managers that also allow you to password-protect folders, app lockers to password-protect specific apps, including your gallery app, etc. Some phones have a built-in secure folder or space where you can keep private files. We can find this feature on Samung, Huawei, Xiaomi and other Android phones. Are you using a Tecno mobile phone and searching for such a built-in tool to hide private photos and videos on the phone? On Tecno phones, we can’t find an app or space specially designed to hide our private content. It however comes with the Phone Master app with the App lock tool. We can make use of it to lock down any apps with a PIN, pattern or password on the phone.

Lock the whole Gallery on Tecno mobile phone

Find and launch the Phone Master app on your Tecno phone. If you can’t find this app or have already uninstalled it, you can download it for free from Google Play Store.

You can find the App lock from its home screen or its Toolbox.

Phone Master for Android version v5.8.0.00002
Phone Master for Android version v5.8.0.00002

Tap to run App lock. If it is the first time you run it, you will be asked to set unlock pattern to lock or unlock apps. Draw the same pattern twice, then choose a security question and input its answer which we can use to recover or remove the app locker. Remember to write down your unlock pattern and the security Q&A somewhere safe as you may forget the lock patter or password.

To lock all your photos or videos on Tecno phone, simply toggle the On/Off button besides the AI Gallery app.

Lock individual apps using phone master on Tecno mobile
Lock apps using phone master for Android version v5.8.0.00002

Now go to open the Gallery app, you will get the authentication screen before you can access your photos and albums. Without the correct lock pattern, no one can view your photos, videos saved in the Gallery app.

In order to add an extra layer of security to your private photos and videos, you also need to use the App lock to protect and lock all file managers and explorers on Tecno mobile phone, such as the Files app, File Manager, or any other third-party file managers and explorers you have installed on the phone. It is the same to lock any other apps, just as how you lock the Gallery app above.

Hide individual photos, videos on Tecno phone

Instead of hiding all photos, videos on Tecno phone, you can also choose to only protect or lock those sensitive ones. We can also use the App lock tool to achieve that. Open the Files or File Manager app on Tecno mobile, then move those images, videos, movies from the DCIM, the default folder all your camera photos and videos are saved, to a another folder on your internal storage. Then run the Phone Master > App lock to lock the Files and File Manager apps on your Tecno phone.

By doing so, others won’t even aware the existence of any hidden pictures and videos.

Bonus tips on private file protection

  • There are various ways you can hide or protect your private albums on the phone. Remember to choose a method that suits your preferences and the level of security you need.
  • It’s essential to regularly back up your private data to prevent data loss.
  • App locker apps run in the background, and some of them may consume additional memory and battery resources.
  • Free versions of app locker apps often come with advertisements.
  • If you forget the password or PIN for your app locker, it can be challenging to recover access to your protected apps. Some app lockers offer password recovery options, while others may not.
  • While app lockers typically work well with common apps, they may not be as effective with certain system apps or apps that have advanced security features.
  • If someone gains physical access to your device and is aware of the app locker, they may attempt to uninstall it.
  • Like any software, app locker apps may have security vulnerabilities.
  • Users may develop a false sense of security when using app locker apps. You should not solely rely on them for securing sensitive information.

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