How to Cut Music Using iTunes?

iTunes is mainly used to organize and play audio and video files, however it comes with some very useful hidden features as well. In this article, we will discuss how to use iTunes to cut music songs so you can get a short audio clip from any long audio tracks.

Cut Music Audio in iTunes

1. Run iTunes on your computer.
2. Play the sone you like to cut with iTunes and write down the starting and ending time of the music segment you like to save.
3. Right click on the music you like to split and a new menu will pop up. Select “Get Info” and you will be directed to the “Get Info” Menu.
4. The “Get Info” menu has several taps in the top. Choose the “Options” tab.

 Cut Music Songs Using iTunes

5. In the menu of the “Options” tab you can see several options that help you to edit the sound of your file. However, as we are focusing on how to cut music you can ignore those and focus on the Start and Stop Time, which can be found in the middle of menu.
6. You can input the music start/stop time into individual boxes. Click Ok to select the audio clip.
7. Again, right-click the song and select “Create MP3 Version” to create a copy of the track with adjusted length. You can also choose “Create AAC Version”according to your target audio player or device.

Now you know how to split long music into short clips. Best of all, iTunes is a free software that might have been installed on many Windows PC or Mac, so you do not need extra installation or pay extra fee. You can cut unlimited music songs for free with iTunes.