HTC mobile phone couldn’t capture screenshot

Email for mobile provides us the most straightforward and effective way to exchange data between mobile phones or between a mobile phone and a computer. I was adding an Yahoo mail account to HTC mobile phone with screenshots captured. However when I opened the Screenshots folder on the phone, I found some screenshot was not saved. And the issue persisted even when I repeated the steps trying to capture this specific screen on my HTC phone following these steps to take screenshots on HTC phone.I found below error messages in the Notification drawer pulled down from the top of phone screen.

htc mobile phone Can’t take screenshot due to limited storage space, or it isn’t allowed by the app or your organization

The error says:

Couldn’t capture screenshot.
Can’t take screenshot due to limited storage space, or it isn’t allowed by the app or your organization.

Since I can take screenshots of any other screens, not just this specific screen on the HTC device and there is plenty of free space on the phone, thus it is not an issue caused due to storage limitation. No administrator account has been setup on the phone. I guess this Mail app may just does not like me to capture this screen where I need to enter email account credentials.

A common fix I can find on the web is to delete and recreate the screenshots folder from Internal storage/pictures/screenshots using a file manager on the phone. However this is not a solution to the problem I encountered. As I can take a screenshot on HTC phone to capture any other apps on the phone, even other screens within the same app. Someone in his post also pointed out this issue. For security or privacy concern, some apps, such as the banking apps, don’t allow users to capture screenshot of any part of the applications. As soon as you try it, you will get the “Couldn’t save screenshot” or “Couldn’t capture screenshot” error above. No applications or tricks will work in this case as far as I know. If you still want to capture the HTC phone screen, you can try to mirror your phone screen to a PC, then capture phone screen using a screen snap tool on the computer to capture your phone screen. For example, you can follow these steps to capture screen on a Windows 10 PC. As long as your phone mirror software is able to cast phone screen to computer, you should be able to capture anything displaying on your phone screen using a laptop or desktop computer.