How to use iMovie to create films?

iMovie, member of the iLife suite of software that ships with all new Mac computers running OS-X Leopard, makes it easy to turn your home videos into your all-time favorite films. In this article we will cover the basics of using iMovie to create your own short films.

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1. Import your video clips into iMovie.

You can import video clips directly from a camera or from files saved on your computer. It is easy and intuitive, same as many other video software or editors. Go to the FILE menu and use the browser to select and import your clips to iMovie.

2. Create new iMovie project and Add videos

When you import multiple video clips at one time, it will take some time, because iMovie will generate new thumbnails for each movie clip. To create a new project, go to the File menu, then select NEW PROJECT.

The new iMovie project is empty, now you can drag the video clips added to the timeline window. Once you have all the video clips in the timeline but want to rearrange the order, simply drag and drop them.

Basics of using iMovie to create films
3. Add transitions between scenes

Transitions can make your videos moves from one to another more smoothly to avoid abrupt change or jump of different scenes. There are many different transition effects with iMovie for your choice. To apply transitions between scenes, select Transitions from the Window menu, pick the transition you prefer and drag and drop it between the scenes.
4. Crop a scene

To crop a scene, click to select the scene first and then click on the Crop button. iMovie provides powerful video cropping and editing features for both new users and veterans.

5. Edit video

To edit a video, just click to select it, then click Video Adjust button. You can also select multiple video clips and edit them at the same time.


6. Add titles

Select Titles from the WINDOW menu. Drag the title from the inspector to the movie.

7. Add and edit sound

With iMovie, the Free video/movie editor software on Mac, you can easily edit sound of video clips, or add music/audio tracks to your movies. In case you like add music from your iTunes Library to iMovie, go to the FILE menu and choose Music and Sound Effects to browse to your iTunes library. From there, you can add a music track or sound effect to a single scene or to the whole movie.


To edit a sound for your movie in iMovie, you can select the Sound icon from the toolbar.

8. Export movie

The last step of your movie editing with iMovie is to export your movie. When everything is ready, you can export your iMovie project and movies directly to your computer or to a number of other devices. Have Fun with your iMovie films!

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