Import bookmarks from HTML file to Firefox on PC

Firefox browser is a very popular web browser for computers, mobile phones and tablets. It is well-known for better security, more privacy and faster speed. Firefox is also very user friendly. For example, you can get better reading experience by enabling the reader view in Firefox, you can display the Flash content on the phone by turning on Flash support in Firefox for Android.

Today, we will introduce another useful feature of Firefox web browser, the bookmarks import. Imagine that you have been used another web browser for some time and saved some good websites or pages in the bookmarks. Now you are at the stage of switching to new browser. In this case, you can simply export bookmarks from previous browser and then import the bookmarks to the new browser. Firefox provides very good support to those who want to move or migrate bookmarks. You can directly import bookmarks from any existing web browsers on your computer, such as Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera and more. You can also import bookmarks from a web browser for mobile to Firefox on your PC or Mac if you can export the bookmarks as HTML files from previous browser on the mobile device. For example, you can refer to this tutorial to back up bookmarks from iPhone to computer. This solution can help iPhone users easily extract bookmarks from Safari for mobile to their PC or Mac as HTML file.

Steps to import bookmarks from HTML file to Firefox on PC

Run Firefox on your PC, click Bookmarks from the top menu bar, you will see a drop-down menu list, select Show All Bookmarks from this list. You can also press the hotkeys Ctrl+Shift+B to quickly access all bookmarks in Firefox if you are using Firefox on a Windows computer. See below screenshot.

firefox browser on pc to show all bookmarks

Now click Import and Backup button and choose Import Bookmarks from HTML …, you will then open a dialogue where you can browse to the bookmark file on your PC and import all bookmarks from the HTML file to Firefox browser on your computer.

import bookmarks from html file to firefox browser on pc