Import Contacts from Outlook to iPhone

transfer iphone contactsIf you have saved many contacts in Microsoft Outlook on your PC and want to transfer these contacts from Outlook to iPhone, how can you accomplish that? There are different ways to do that using different tools. Office Outlook has the features to help users import and export contacts. For example you can export contacts from Outlook and saved them as CSV file, Text file, XLS files and more. You can then transfer the Outlook contacts to other email services, clients and mobile phones. Is there a way you can use to easily transfer Outlook contacts to iPhone? In this article we will recommend an easy iPhone transfer and backup tool which can help you copy contacts from Outlook to iPhone quickly. There are many different tools or ways can help you migrate contacts from Outlook to iPhone, but this is probably the easiest one you can find on the market. Before we continue to copy over our contacts and phone numbers from computer to iPhone, go to download this software on to PC below.

How to Import Contacts from Outlook to iPhone?

Launch the iPhone transfer on your PC or Mac. Plug in your iPhone to computer through USB data cable. Your iPhone will be detected and listed in the iOS data exchange software.

import contacts from outlook to iphone

On the left sidebar, you can find all the categories, such as Media, Playlist, Photos, Contacts, SMS and so on. There are a lot of files and data you can import from computer to iPhone or export from iPhone to computer using this tool. For example, you can transfer Music from iPhone to computer so you can save iPhone music like you save any other non-iTunes music so you can transfer iPhone music to Android phones or other music players. You can also use it to back up text messages from iPhone to computer, and so on. Feel free to download and test it out by yourself. You won’t regret it.

In this guide, we will only discuss how to use it to transfer contacts from Outlook to iPhone. Go to the Contacts from the left navigation panel, then all contacts on iPhone will be displayed. There will be a tool bar on the top section of this transfer program. Find and click Import/Export button to reveal all the options that can help you transfer contacts between computer and iPhone, like import contacts from PC or Mac to iPhone, export contacts from iPhone to PC or Mac for backup. Select Import Contacts from computer >> From Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013, then you will get a pop-up dialogue as below.

reading outlook contacts

The iPhone transfer software is connecting your Outlook and read contacts from it. After that, you will be prompted with how many contacts found in your Outlook.

proceed to import outlook contacts to iphone

You can simply click Import button to proceed to import contacts from Outlook to iPhone. Currently it will import all your contacts from Outlook to iPhone in a batch mode. You do not have an option to select any specific contacts group or certain or a part of contacts from Outlook to iPhone. If you do not like to transfer all contacts over, you can delete those unwanted contacts in Outlook at first, or you can go ahead to copy all contacts from Outlook to iPhone then deleted unwanted contacts on iPhone instead. Before you delete anyting contacts on computer or iPhone, make sure to do a backup in advance, so in case you have deleted important contacts accidentally, you can recover deleted contacts from your iPhone or computer.

outlook contacts imported to iphone successfully

All your Outlook contacts will be imported from computer to iPhone instantly. It is extremely fast and takes no time.

Other than importing contacts from computer to iPhone, this iPhone contents management tool can also help you do the opposite. You can easily export or back up contacts from iPhone to computer, export contacts from iPhone to CSV or VCF files, etc.