Import Contacts from SIM Card to iPhone

If you have saved on contacts and phone numbers on your SIM card on the old smartphone and want to transfer contacts from old phone to an iPhone, you can make use of the built-in contacts import feature on iPhone to load all contacts from SIM to iPhone. In case your contacts are saved on the old phone other than its SIM card, you can go to export contacts from your old phone to SIM card first. Android allows its users to export, import contacts between SIM and Android phone.

Import Contacts from SIM Card to iPhone

There are different ways you can transfer contacts from Android phones to iPhone. You can refer to this guide see how to transfer contacts from Samsung phones to iPhone. Contacts and phone numbers on mobile phones can also be copied using emails, whatsApp and other tools. The easiest way however would be exporting contacts from Android phone to your SIM card, then copy all contacts from SIM to iPhone.

Open Settings on iPhone, scroll down to find and choose the Mail, Contacts and Calendars option, you will open the Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings on iPhone.

import sim contacts to iphone

Under the Contacts section, there is a Import SIM Contacts option. Tap on it, you will get a pop-up menu like below.

import contacts from sim card to iphone

Select On My iPhone from above Import SIM Contacts to Account menu, all your contacts will be copied from SIM card to iPhone. Once the contacts have been moved to iPhone, you may want to delete contacts and all files on old phone to protect your sensitive information. Along with the contacts and phone numbers, you may also want to migrate other data as well, such as transfer SMS messages from Android to iPhone, copy photos and videos from Android to iPhone, etc.