Import vCard from Mac to iPhone

In the Contacts App on your Mac, you should have added lots of info such as email address, birthday, telephone number, phone number etc. You may want to transfer these contacts info to your iPhone sometimes. How to do the contacts transfer? If you use iTunes to sync your iTunes with your iPhone, some contacts on your iPhone might be deleted if they are not included in the iTunes. There is one way that we can export these contacts as vCard and then import them to the iPhone. Let’s follow up these steps to see how to transfer contacts information from Mac to iPhone.

If you have enabled iCloud backup on iPhone, you can also import vCard from computer to iCloud so your contacts can be synced from iCloud to iPhone and all other iOS devices.

How to Import vCard from Mac to iPhone?

Step 1. Extract vCard from Contacts app on Mac

Open Contacts App on your Mac, click FILE on the top bar, select EXPORT and click Export vCard. In the popup window, give a name and location to save the vCard, and then click SAVE button. Once this export is done, open the folder and you will see the vCard in VCF file format.
export contacts as vcard on mac

Step 2. Attach the VCF contacts and send it to your own email

Now you can send the vCard file as attachment from your Mac to your own email account. Prior to import VCF contacts to iPhone, make sure that you have added this email account to your iPhone so that you can download the vCard (VCF) files to your iPhone and import from email to iPhone Contacts then.

send vcard contacts through email on mac

Step 3. Import vCard to iPhone

Once the email has been received successfully, you can open the email on your iPhone Mail app. Open the attachment and then save the contacts info to your iPhone either as new contacts or as existing contacts.

import vcard vcf from email to iphone contacts

Now you have added the contacts in VCF file format from your Mac to your iPhone successfully. By importing VCF contacts to iPhone, you do not have to bother learning how to use iTunes or iCloud. You don’t have to sign up an iCloud account. It also saves you from the trouble caused by the limitation or data loss of iTunes syncing. Import contacts to iPhone from VCF file is one of the easiest way to transfer contacts from computer to iPhone. If you still need more information, you can refer to this guide to transfer VCF contacts to iPhone, also feel free to leave us a message in the comment section below if you need further assistance.