How to insert a Flash SWF file into Dreamweaver?

Flash videos are very popular on the web, many web designers like to use Flash in their website projects. This tutorial shows you how to insert a Flash SWF file into Dreamweaver when building your website with it. When you get a Flash video with SWF as its format, you can use Dreamweaver to insert the Flash animation into your web pages, just do the following:

Add Flash to your websites using Dreamweaver?

add flash to dreamweaver1. Open your web page or create a new blank HTML page with Dreamweaver.

2. Click on Show Code and Design Views so that you have a Split screen – showing both the Code View and the Design View in Dreamweaver.

3. Click anywhere in the Design View page (not Code View) and then go to the Insert Menu–> Media–> Flash.

4. The Select file menu pops up, browse to your computer’s files to find the SWF flash file and click on OK to embed it to your web page through dreamweaver.

6. The Flash properties window now opens up, you may enter the properties accordingly or simply leave them blank and click “OK” to skip it.

7. Save the HTML file then preview.

The Dreamweaver will insert the flash embed code into your web pages automatically when you add a flash video in the design mode. You do not have to learn the hard coding. No programing skills required. It saves you lots of time. Dreamweaver will automatically create a copy of the AC_RunActiveContent.js file and put it in the same folder location that you save the HTML file to. When you publish the generated or modified website to your remote hosting, You will need to upload the HTML page, the actual Flash SWF file and the AC_RunActiveContent.js file altogether.

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