Insert pages into PDF

There are different reasons you may want to add new pages to a PDF document. For example, you may like to create a new page after the current PDF page and then insert text, images and other content into the new PDF page; sometimes you may copy certain pages from one PDF file and insert them into another PDF file. This is a short tutorial on adding or inserting a new page or group of pages into a PDF file on Windows PC or Mac computer.

How to add and insert pages into PDF document?

If you are familiar with PowerPoint, you know how easy it is to insert a new slide into an existing PowerPoint presentation. Click a slide to select it in the Slides View mode, click Home > Slides > New Slide, then the new slide will be placed after the selected one. Adding new page to PDF file is similar. We will show you how to create new pages, add new pages to PDF document, or copy pages from one PDF to another using PDF Element a popular PDF creator, editor, and converter. You can get the PDF editor here.

Run the PDF editor, drag and drop the PDF file into the editor program on your Windows PC or Mac to open it. Then click the Page View icon on the left hand side. You will then open the thumbnail pane, right click the page that you want your new slide to follow. Choose Insert Page >> Black Page or From PDF.

insert pages to pdf on pc using pdfelement pdf editor

If you choose black page, you can then input the Page Amount to insert one or more pages to the PDF file, you can then manually add content to the new PDF page(s). If you want to copy pages from another PDF document to the current PDF document, choose the later option. Then select page(s) or page range, choose a location to place them, insert them to the beginning, attach or append them to the current PDF pages, put them before or after the current page, even before or after any page you want. See below screenshot.

insert pages from one PDF to another on pc using pdfelement pdf editor

Rearrange, duplicate, and delete PDF pages

When creating your PDF, you’ll typically add new PDF pages as we explained above, move pages to another place or re-order them, and delete pages from PDF file you don’t need.