Install audio capture recorder for ShareX

Can’t record audio with screen recorder in ShareX? Follow these steps to install screen & audio capture recorder for ShareX first.

Run the screen capture software on your Windows computer. Open its main window. Go to Task Settings >> Capture >> Screen Recorder >> Screen recording options >> Audio source. By default the audio source is set to None so no sound or voice can be captured in ShareX screen recording. Click the down arrow besides the Audio source box see if you can find and enable the virtual-audio-capture, the recording device ShareX uses to capture audio from your computer.

If there’s no audio source available to use, click the Install recorder button on this Screen recording options window, you will see a pop-up dialog asking you to select destination location to install the Recorder Devices for ShareX.

install screen video & audio capture recorder for ShareX on windows computer

Click Browse button to change a different location or folder if like, then hit Next and follow on-screen tips to complete the setup of video and audio recorder devices for ShareX on your Windows computer.

After that, you can find the screen capture and audio capture files, screen-capture-recorder-x64.dll, virtual-audio-capturer-x64.dll, from Windows File Explorer. Meanwhile, you can activate them from the Screen recording options window as shown above.

Now you should be able to record audio with screen recorder in ShareX without any problem. Note that the virtual audio recorder with ShareX can help you record audios from the Windows system so you will be able to capture sound from web browsers, streaming servers, all kinds of websites.