Install IPA apps from computer to iPhone iPad

We used to be able to download apps from App Store to computer using iTunes and install iOS apps to our iPhone or iPad from our computer. Since iTunes 12.7, Apple has removed the App Store from iTunes. We can’t download apps to our computers or install downloaded apps from computer to our iOS devices using iTunes anymore. A workaround is to roll back to an old build of iTunes with the app store support. A better option is to use third-party iPhone manager programs, such as Apower Phone Manager, iTools iPhone Manager, etc. Today, we will show you the quick steps to install an IPA package from either a PC or Mac onto iOS device using Apower Phone Manager.

Get the phone manager from previous linked page. Download and install it on your PC or Mac. Then connect your iPhone or iPad to computer via USB. You will see the Trust this computer prompt. Tap Trust to allow your computer to access your iOS device via USB.

manage iphone apps from pc using apower phone manager
manage iphone apps from pc using apower phone manager

Switch from My Device to Manage tab in Apower phone manager program on your computer. Then click Apps from the left pane, all installed apps on the connected iPhone or iPad will be listed in the iOS device manager software. Click Install button above the existing apps list. Then browse to the location where the app packages, IPA files are saved on your computer, select the IPA file and install it from computer to the iPhone or iPad. If you downloaded the apps from App Store to your computer using iTunes, the default path for the apps would be C:\Users\your username\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications on Windows computers, like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc.

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