Install & Move Android App to SD card

By default Android apps will be installed to the internal storage on your Android phone or tablet. Unlike installing software on computers, when downloading and installing apps on Android devices, you do not have the option to choose where to install the app to. However once the installation completes, you may have an option to move the installed Android app from phone or the internal memory to external USB storage or SD card. If you want to install Android apps to SD card, you can’t set your SD card as the default install location, you need to manually move it.

How to Install & Move Android App to SD card?

If you did not move the App from phone to SD card after installation. You still have the chance to move the installed Android apps to SD card. Open to the Settings app, then find Application Manager, Manage Applications or simply Applications. Different Android devices may have different names.
open application manager in settings on android

Open the Application Manager on Android, then select the Downloaded tab from the top. See screenshot below.
apps list in application manager on android phone

Select the app you like to move from phone to SD card on your Android, you will open a App info screen like below.
move android app to SD card

If the seleted Android app is installed on your phone’s internal storage other than the SD memory card and it is movable, then you will see a ‘Move to SD card’ button. To move an Android app to SD card on your phone, simply tap on this button and you are done.

Android App Install Location Tips

Some tools can help you set the default install location from your Android phone to its SD card, however you may required to root your Android phones. And you still have the risk to install many Android apps that can not work. As some apps shouldn’t be installed to your SD card and should remain installed on the internal storage. The App developers determine where their Android apps should be installed to, either the phone or SD card. App users can only move the Android apps from phone to SD card manually within the Application Manager. And only part of the apps can be moved to SD card. This is the right of the developer. If the Android developer behind the apps do not allow their apps to be moved, then they can’t be moved to SD card. If you use a third party app management tool to force the Android apps to be moved to SD card, the apps might not work properly, or might not work at all. Note this however does not affect you backup or transfer Android apps from mobile phone to computer.