Install Tunesgo daemon app on Android manually

Tunesgo is an easy-to-use mobile phone manager for both iOS and Android, a great tool to backup content from Android or iOS device to computer, export data from iPhone and Android to computer or import data from computer to iPhone/Android. We have demonstrated how this file transfer and backup tool works with all kinds of Android phones and iOS devices before. iPhone users can use it as iTunes alternative to transfer data between computer and iPhone. For example, you can transfer ringtones from computer to iPhone without iTunes. Unlike iPhone, on Android devices, we need to configure settings so the phone manager can recognize and connect our Android phones and tablets.

tunesgo android phone manager

Some Android users may have trouble connecting their Android powered mobile phones or tablets to the mobile phone content management software on their Windows or Mac computer. If you run into this issue, make sure the USB debugging on the phone is turned on, its daemon app is installed on your phone, the daemon app is not disabled and can be started automatically when your phone is connected to the computer and Tunesgo is running on it. Check out details below.

Enable USB debugging on Android phone

Developer options and USB debugging are important settings on Android phones. With USB debugging activated, the mobile phone file manager software can install the daemon app from computer to Android phone. Check out this tutorial to turn on USB debugging on Samsung phone just as an example.

Manually install the daemon app on Android phone

Generally speaking once the USB debugging has been turned on, the mobile phone manager software will install the daemon app from computer to Android phone automatically. If it failed to do so, you can also choose to manually install it.

On your PC, open the installation folder of the Mobile transfer in File Explorer, search for the apk file named ‘TunesGoConnector.apk’. Copy this file to your smartphone phone via USB or using your favorite way to send this file from computer to mobile phone, then tap on this apk file on mobile phone to install it. Install blocked? See how you can install apps from third-party sources on Android phones.