Why iPhone iPad Videos are Upside Down or Sideways?

You can hold your iPhone or iPad at four different gestures or modes, when shooting videos with iPhone camera or iPad camera. Most iPhone iPad users may record a video on iPhone or iPad in portrait mode. And many others shoot videos on iPhone or iPad in landscape mode. At some cases, you may also record videos in the portrait mode with the iPhone or iPad home button on the top or record videos in landscape mode with iPhone or iPad home on the left. You do not need to worry about your gesture when shooting iPhone videos. When you play the video on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you will not find anything abnormal. When you transfer the video from iPhone iPad or iPod touch to a Mac, the videos can also be played without any problem. But when you play iPhone, iPad or iPod touch vides with a media player on Windows PC or laptop, you may find some videos from your iOS devices are either sideways or upside down.

Why iPhone iPad Videos are Sideways?

iPhone video sideways is a very common problem when the videos are played on Windows computer. It is many people hold their iPhone vertically when recording videos on iPhone. Your iPad or iPhone should be held horizontally, NOT vertically.
record videos on iPhone in vertical or portrait mode

Why iPhone iPad Videos are Upside Down?

Some iPhone users know they should hold the iPhone or other iOS device horizontally when shooting videos. But they do not know whether the iPhone home button should be on the right or left. If you record videos on iPhone in landscape mode with the iPhone home button to the left, the iPhone videos will be upside down when played on a media player on Windows computer.

How to Avoid iPhone iPad iPod touch Videos Upside Down or Sideways problems?

If you want to prevent the iPhone videos from being upside down or sideways when playing on a Windows PC, you can simply hold your iPhone horizontally with the iPhone home button on the right. For existing videos in problem, you can simply rotate the iPhone videos using Windows Live Movie Maker on Windows, it is a free video editor comes with Windows OS. You can also download it from Microsoft website for free.

record videos on iPhone in horizontal or landscape mode

Again, note that the iPhone video upside down or sideway problem occurs only to iPhone videos on a Windows PC. You can shoot videos using iPhone in any gesture you like and share them on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch or Mac without these troubles at all. If you want to correct the iPhone videos by recording them again in the right position and deleted the wrong videos, you can refer to this guide to recover deleted videos on iPhone or iPad. Should you have further inquiries about iPhone iPad video upside down, sideways or rotating, leave us a message in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “Why iPhone iPad Videos are Upside Down or Sideways?”

  1. The same thing just happened to me! Exactly the same, except when I was recording, I was using the iPhone 6. I think my home button was to the right when I turned it to landscape mode. Is that why? It’s crazy – I’ve read the home button should be in the left, and I’ve read it should be on the right. Help!! ??

  2. You are incorrect saying videos recorded with any gesture will play correctly on iPhones. I started shooting a small video in landscape and twisted it to portrait orientation a couple of seconds in. I have been pulling my hair out trying to edit and re-orient the video to play in portrait without the black bars on top and bottom. I have an iPhone 7 Plus, MacBook Pro (2014), and I can use Photoshop and Illustrator proficiently. I have read several blogs, tried several suggested methods to fix it, but nothing works! To make it even more frustrating, it will actually stay in portrait mode when the phone is upside down! (As you mentioned in your blog above.) No method of rotating and re-saving has worked so far.

    Any clues to this? And I need ADVANCED clues, because I have tried editing this clip on iMovie on my Mac as well as a few tricks on the iMovie mobile app I read about…all to no avail. Thanks!

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