iPhone Not Ringing? Try this Ringer & Mute Switch

Is your iPhone not ringing any more? iPhone has a ring & silent toggle, a hardware mute switch on the handset, which can help you quickly mute iPhone or enable ringer on the phone. If you have activated ringtones on iPhone, but found the ringer does not work, the ringtone does not ring when you receive phone calls, instead you get only vibrations, you should try this ringer and mute switch on iPhone. It lets you easily and quickly turn off iPhone ringer and put the iPhone into vibrate-only mode. This is really useful when you forgot to mute the iPhone in meetings, class or other important events or occasions that you should mute the phone but forgot to do so. To avoid the obvious embarrassment, this iPhone ringer or silent quick switch comes to help.

iphone ring vs silent switch

Whether your iPhone stops ringing any more and you want to enable ringtone again or want to quickly mute iPhone, this ringer or mute switch is the solution for you.

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