iPhone SMS Recovery

Have you deleted any important SMS on iPhone in error? We all make mistakes sometimes. If you deleted text messages or imessages on iPhone by mistake and want to know how to recover SMS messages, this guide is just for you. Unlike other iPhone recovery solutions, the iPhone messages recovery we are going to introduce below can also help you recover deleted iPhone messages without any backups. Generally speaking your texts can be saved in the Messages app on iPhone, iTunes backup on computer or iCloud backup on Apple’s cloud server. That’s to say you have at least different options to recover iPhone data just like you back up iPhone. We will discuss each iPhone SMS recovery solution one by one.

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone?

Many iPhone users would think it is impossible to do that. They think once texts removed from the Messages app on iPhone, there is no way to undo or get them back. Unlike PC or Mac, there we still have the last solution to put back or restore deleted files from trash can or recycle bin. Is it possible to recover deleted text messages on iPhone without any backup through iTunes or iCloud? Yes. You can, but you need the help of an iOS data recovery. You can download this software on to your PC or Mac below.

Run the iPhone recovery program on your computer, you will be prompted to connect your iPhone to PC or Mac through USB port immediately. After that the program will detect your iPhone connection and a Start Scan button shows up in the recovery software. Click on it to allow the software to scan your device, a scan result screen will be presented as below once it has finished scanning your iPhone.

recover deleted text messages from iphone

Now, go to the Messages category from the left menu, select any text messages in the middle column and hit the Recover button from the bottom right corner, you will then get two options to recover lost SMS from iPhone to computer or put back deleted SMS to iPhone Messages app. The retrieved text messages will be saved as both a HTML file and a CSV file. You can view recovered SMS messages in HTML file using any web browsers on your computer, CSV files can be read using Office Excel or other text editors. If like, you can also directly restore the deleted text messages back to iPhone.

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages through iTunes?

You can restore iTunes backup to iPhone so all existing data on iPhone will be overwritten. However this may cause data loss, as you may have new data saved on iPhone but not backed up using iTunes yet. A safe way to recover deleted text messages through iTunes is to use the above iOS data recovery software to scan your iTunes backup file and extract the SMS you have deleted on iPhone. You can extract any data from iTunes backup to computer using this tool. If like this tool can also help you recover the text messages from iTunes backup to iPhone without deleting other existing data or files on iPhone.

recover deleted iphone text messages from itunes backup

iPhone SMS Recovery through iCloud

If you have enabled iCloud backup on iPhone, you can also find a copy of all your short messages, imessages will be saved on Apple’s iCloud server. So you can log on your iCloud account and download backup on to your iPhone. Again if you want to restore from iCloud backup, you will have to delete exisiting data on iPhone, just like we restore iPhone from iTunes backup. If you do not want it to affect your existing data on iPhone, you need a solution to download selected files from iCloud to iPhone or download to computer than sync to iPhone via iTunes. If you log on iCloud account from a web browser, you will find you can only download a small part of files from there. Many files you do not have access to from web browsers on computer. The best solution to download SMS from iCloud is to use the built-in feature in this iPhone recovery tool. For more specific instructions, we highly recommend you check out this guide to download any data from iCloud backups to computer.

Go to the Recover from iCloud Backup File tab from the top section of this tool, you will be able to log in iCloud using your Apple ID and password within the recovery tool. Then you can select any backups on iCloud account and pick up just any file types to download on to your computer. After that you will see a screenshot like this.

recover iphone icloud backup to computer

Again we get the similar screen like we recover text messages from iPhone or iTunes backups. You can also follow the same steps to recover text messages from iCloud to your computer or from iCloud to iPhone directly.