How to type faster on iPhone?

Tired of the slow typing on iPhone and looking for tips or guide to increase your typing speed on iPhone? Here are some tips on how to type faster on iPhone and improve your typing speed on it.

iPhone users would type a lot when composing emails, filling forms, inputting web address, etc. New iPhone users might be bothered with their slow iPhone typing. We have put together some practical tips and tricks that can help you achieve much faster typing on iPhone.

1. Switch to landscape mode on iPhone when typing

The landscape mode on iPhone will offer larger keyboard and more space between keys, you will get more space to type under landscape mode, the iPhone’s screen is not square. Try to use landscape mode as much as possible.

Rotate the screen on iPhone

Depending on the iPhone model, you can swipe down from the top-right corner or swipe up from the bottom edge of your screen to access the Control Center. Find and touch to turn the Portrait Orientation Lock off as shown in below screenshot.

turn the Portrait Orientation Lock off on iphone - iphone landscape mode

Note that some apps don’t support rotation, so your screen might not rotate even if Portrait Orientation Lock isn’t turned on.

2. Type with both Thumbs or more fingures on iPhone

Use both thumbs or more fingers to type on an iPhone which can speed up the process greatly.

3. Learn blind typing on iPhone

You know how to type fast with blind typing on computers, use the same way to type on your iPhone, “trust the keyboard and just type away”, instead of looking at the letters as you type, look at what you’re typing. It takes some time to develop our muscle memory to remember the location of needed keys. Practice makes perfect!

4. Quick access to numbers & symbols

You can actually insert punctuations, marks and so on without leaving the Letter Keyboard. you can simply hold down the ‘123’ button with your left finger or thumb, then select on the number or symbol that you want to insert with your right finger or thumb and then release the ‘123’ button or your left finger or thumb, which will insert the symbol and then automatically revert back to the Letter Keyboard, allowing you to continue typing uninterrupted.

5. Double tap the Space Bar to type a period

All you have to do on iPhone is to double tap the space bar and a Full Stop will appear with a double space in between it and the cursor, ready for you to begin a new sentence. This is the best way to quickly start a new sentence.

6. Toggle Caps Lock

Tap the Shift or upper case key (up-arrow icon) twice, you will find all letters on the keyboard are capitalized. Feel free to type in all caps on your iPhone. It’ll stay on until you tap the Shift key again.

7. Use QuickType

When you’re typing on iPhone, you’ll find a prediction bar along the top of the keyboard. Just look at it and see if the word you want to write is already there. It will predicts the current word you are typing and also the next word you’ll type from the words you previously typed, so you can quickly tap to select and input text on iPhone.

Any other tips you can type faster on iPhone? Let us know at the comment area.

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