iRightMouse for Mac

iRightMouse is a free yet powerful right-click menu tool for Mac. It can add various shortcuts to your right-click menu. For example, you can directly create various file types from the right-click menu, including TXT, RTF, Office(Word, Excel, PPT), iWork, WPS, PSD, Ai, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, PSD, Markdown and so on.

create new files, add new file types to context menu on Mac through irightmouse app

iRightMouse Features

  • Create new files from right-click menu, TXT, RTF, Office(Word, Excel, PPT)、iWork、WPS、PSD、Ai, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, PSD, Markdown and so on.
  • Send files to specified location. Copy files from current folder to another through the context menu.
  • Create shortcuts to custom folders in the context menu.
  • Hide or display certain files or folder.
  • Cut and paste files through right-click.
  • Add more features, functions to the context menu on Mac.


Download this free app from Apple App Store here.

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