Juggling Lab

Juggling Lab is a free and open source application for Windows, Mac and Linux which can create and animate juggling patterns. Its main goals are to help people learn siteswap juggling patterns, and to assist in inventing new ones.

Juggling Lab Quick feature overview

  • Animates all solo and passing siteswap patterns, including synchronous and multiplexed patterns, and patterns involving movement of the juggler bodies
  • Support for bounced throws, including multiple bounces and hyperlift/hyperforce throws
  • Can display stereo image pairs to provide depth perception
  • XML-based pattern description language JML (Juggling Markup Language), permits fine-grained control of ball, hand, and body movements
  • Graphical pattern editor
  • Realistic hand model, with cubic spline hand paths that match the velocities of balls at throwing points
  • Ability to save animated GIFs
  • Integrated siteswap pattern generator

Download & availability

This software is released under the GNU General Public License. Project source code is on Github. The project site has more information and download links. There is also a web service to generate animated GIFs from a pattern description.

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