Lenovo backup and restore on Mac

Lenovo smartphone is gathering more and more fans in these recent years. As we are taking photos or videos, adding contacts and installing apps nearly everyday, the smartphone’s storage space could be too limited to save all the constantly incoming videos, photos, contacts, Apps and other files. To get more space available to store new contacts, photos, videos, or Apps, normally we will have to delete parts of the data. If this is the case, we would face a dilemma of deciding which files to abandon. Well, to keep all the existing data on the phone, most of us will agree that the best solution is to do a Lenovo backup. And we can use the backup file to restore it when necessary. Thus, many users are looking for a tool to backup Lenovo in an easy and safe way. Mobile Transfer for Mac is a best tool supporting both backup and restore Lenovo on Mac. We will discuss about Lenovo backup and restore on Mac below with specific instructions showing how you can easily back up Lenovo mobile phone to Mac and restore Lenovo phone from backups? If you are using a Windows PC, check out this guide to backup and restore Lenovo mobile instead. To know Mobile Transfer in detail, let’s go through below steps and learn how to do a Lenovo backup and recovery with it in two parts.

Part I. How to do a Lenovo backup?

Step 1. Download, install and launch Mobile Transfer for Mac

Download below Mobile Transfer for Mac on your computer. It is a free trial version. You can use it to check what this app can do for you. Once you have launched it, on its user surface, you can see it is composed by four modes, which are Phone to Phone Transfer, Restore from backups, Back Up Your Phone, and Erase your Old Phone. These four modes are four main functions of this app. You can use it to transfer, backup, restore and erase mobile data. See this tutorial to copy files from Samsung Galaxy to Lenovo phone, just as an example.

mobile phone transfer and backup software for mac

To do Lenovo backup, we will use the mode “Backup Your Phone“. To restore Lenovo mobile with the backup file generated by this app, we will use the mode “Restore from backup“.

backup phone to mac via mobile transfer

Step 2. Connect Lenovo phone to Mac via USB

On the homepage, click “Back up Your Phone” to go to the backup page as below. Now connect the Lenovo smartphone to Mac via USB. If the Lenovo could not be found by the Mobile Transfer, click the hint CANNOT RECOGNIZE THE DEVICE beneath. Follow the instructions given in the pop-up window to turn on USB DEBUGGING on Lenovo. Once the USB DEBUGGING is on, it should be ok to be connected.

Step 3. Select content from Lenovo and backup to Mac

Once the Lenovo is connected, the interface will be as below. The content available to be backed up includes Contacts, Test Messages, Calendar, Call Logs, Apps, Photos, Music and Videos. Select the file types you need to back up to computer and then click START COPY. The Mobile Transfer will then show you the proceeding status and let you know once it is done. It will save the backup to your Mac. You can find the backup file under the folder of this App.
backup lenovo phone to mac using mobiletransfer

Now we have the backup file on our Mac, how to do Lenovo recovery with this backup file? Let’s go to below part II.

Part II. How to restore Lenovo from backups?

Step 1. Recover Lenovo with backup file on Mac

If someday you want to restore the Lenovo with this backup file or even part of the backup, you can choose the mode Restore From Backups from the homepage of this mobile phone transfer and backup software on Mac.
When you click “Restore from backups“, it will give us different backup file types for choosing. The backup files that this Mobile Transfer currently support are Mobile Transfer backup file, Blackberry backup file, OneDrive backup file, iCloud backup file and iTune backup file. It means that you can recover your Lenovo from these backups. Yes, you are right, the data in these backups can be transferred to your Lenovo if you want. For example, you can restore iCloud backup to Lenovo, restore backup from OneDrive to Lenovo, etc.

In this article, we will restore Lenovo from Mobile Transfer backup file only. You can try the other backup files by yourself later.

Step 2. Connect Lenovo mobile phone to Mac via USB cable

After clicking “From MobileTrans backup File” on the homepage, you will go to the restore page. Connect Lenovo to Mac using USB cable. If the Lenovo phone could not be detected, you can follow the steps to turn on USB DEBUGGING on the phone.

restore backup from mac to lenovo phone using mobile transfer

Step 3. Select content from backup file and recover them to Lenovo

Once the Lenovo smart phone is connected, the interface will be as below. Select the content you want to recover to Lenovo from the list and then click Start Copy. Once you are advised that the recovery is done by the app, close the app and check your Lenovo for the recovered data. Note that if you lost files without backups, you will need a data recovery solution, such as this one to recover deleted photos and videos from Lenovo phone.

By now, you have done both the Lenovo backup and recovery. If you are following the steps, you must find that this app is really user friendly and fast. It is completely as easy as 1 2 3, even a novie that knows very little about smartphone or computer can perfectly backup and restore a Lenovo with it. This app can be used offline, you can do the backup and restore without internet. Besides these two functions, there are many other functions that it can provide, such as transfer mobile data from one phone to another, delete completely the mobile data etc. You can go to following link which talks about how you can move data from Lenovo phone to Samsung mobile, just as another example. Download and install the app, try to dig out those functions to see if they meet your need.