Listary Free vs Pro Version Comparison

Listary file search is a powerful search utility for Windows that makes finding your files and launching applications blazing fast. It comes with both Free and Pro editions. Download the free edition or upgrade to the Pro edition for just $19.95. Here is the side-by-side feature comparison of the two editions.

bopsoft listary for windows
bopsoft listary for windows
Disk Search
Search all your drives for files and folders instantlyyesyes
Advanced search syntax: match parent folder pathnoyes
Advanced search syntax: search filtersnoyes
Index and search shared network foldersnoyes
Index and search custom locationsnoyes
Set keywords for foldersnoyes
Launch Apps
Search and launch installed appsyesyes
Search and launch Windows Store appsyesyes
Open search engines and websitesyesyes
Set custom keywords for appsnoyes
Basic actionsyesyes
Advanced actionsnoyes
Create custom actionsnoyes
Set hotkeys for actionsnoyes
Set keywords for actionsnoyes
Windows Exploreryesyes
Open/save file dialogsyesyes
3rd-party file managersyesyes
Use themesnoyes
Create custom themesnoyes
Quick Switch
Use a hotkey to open the active folder in a file manageryesyes
Switch to the active folder automaticallyyesyes
List all currently opened foldersyesyes
Favorite and History
Add favorite files and foldersyesyes
Organize favorites with submenusnoyes
Recent files and foldersyesyes
Send-to Menu
Use Windows Send-to menunoyes
Send to any foldernoyes
Trigger with a hotkeynoyes
Open-with Menu
Use Windows Open-with menunoyes
Trigger with a hotkeynoyes
Built-in commandsyesyes
Custom commandsyesyes
Search Projectsnoyes
Use a keyword command to add current folder to Projectsnoyes
Advanced optionsnoyes
Batch add folders/websites/custom commandsnoyes
License Options
Restrictions on usePersonal use onlyNo limitations
License TermLifetime
License PriceFree19.95 USD

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