How to lock apps, photos, videos on Android phone?

To protect our personal data on the phone, we can lock the screen with a passcode, pattern or touch ID. This however is not sufficient under certain circumstances. Cases in point? When you saved some dirty pictures on the phone and want to hide them from your kids who like to play games on your phone; when you want to allow your friends to use your phone but do not want them to access your Gallery, Email, WhatsApp or any other apps. Also, using a Android unlocker tool, people can remove screen lock on Android phone without original screen lock pattern, PIN, password or fingerprint. A photo vault or security app is what you need. They can add an extra layer of security to your privacy on the phone. Lockit is a free Android app which can help keep prying eyes away from your private photos, movies, apps and even phone settings.

For iPhone users, please visit this guide to hide and protect private photos on iPhone instead using an iOS data security app.

How to lock photos, movies, apps with a password on Android?

Lockit is a perfect solution when you want to hide sensitive photos, movies and prevent others from accessing certain apps on your Android phone. Download it from Google Play or any other Android market. The first time you launch it, you will be prompted to set an unlock pattern or PIN, you can choose to hide private data or apps behind a pattern or PIN, your choice. After that, choose a security question from the list and enter your answer. The security question and answer is currently the only option you can use to recover a forgotten unlock pattern or passcode. Then you’ll be taken to the ‘Protect your apps’ screen with a list of apps with privacy issues, like Contacts, Gallery, Email, a chat app like WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat and so on. Here you can select any apps to protect using Lockit. Of course, you can also leave them for now and protect them anytime later. Once an app is protected, every time the app opens, you need to unlock the app using the preset pattern or passcode, see below screenshot.

app locked by lockit on android mobile phone

From the main interface of this security app for Android, you can see three tabs: Apps, Photos and Videos. They are referring to the three file types the security app can currently protect. Tap Photos and browse to your Gallery and photo albums to select and add photos to the private album within Lockit app and lock people out using a PIN or pattern/dot lock. It is the same with videos locker.

lockit security app for android

If the selected data is located in SD card and your Android OS prohibited the security app from locking these files, you will be notified and you can simply click the ‘Encrypt‘ button to copy files to the photo vault app. Note that by adding media files to the vault app, the source files will remain in their original albums. You need to manually delete the source files from there.

File locker app advanced features

Unlike many other security apps on the market today, Lockit offers many additional security functions, such as notification lock, intruder selfie, uninstall prevention, locked app disguise, and so on.

Notification lock

Notification lock can help you hide private messages from snoopers. You can enable Notification lock so the security app will be able to dismiss the notifications or select actions related to them, including sensitive information such as contact name and messages sent to you and more.

Instruder Selfie

If anyone trying to guess your password or pattern and failed so for 3 times, the private data locker app will take a photo of the tryer or intruder.

Prevent app uninstall

If someone can uninstall the Lockit personal data safety app on Android, all protected or locked apps will be unlocked. Luckily the security app has the advanced feature to prevent itself from being uninstalled by unauthorized people. To do that, just run the Lockit app on Samsung phone, choose the App tab, then lock Settings app on Samsung, so anyone else can’t uninstall any apps from Application Manager in Settings or even change any settings on your Samsung phone.

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  1. I dont see the pictures that I had saved in the Lockit app. I have not uninstalled, updated the app nor deleted the photos. How to retrieve it. Is there a setting to hide pics from lockit? I dont have SD card in my mobile. Its a Samsung Android. Please help.

    1. there doesn’t seem to be such an option yet. you can switch to the Photos in Lockit app, try to add a new picture to the photos vault see if new images can be added and found in the security and lock app.

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