How to lock hard drives with password in Windows 10?

The risk of data leakage is increasing nowadays. Different approaches have been in used to protect our data, like blocking unauthorized devices and ports so that unauthorized users cannot copy your private data to their USB drive, or other portable devices. Today, we will introduce another method to secure your data by restricting access to your hard drive without password.

The software we use is called USB Block. It is a data leak prevention tool. It can block unauthorized use of USB drives and ports, CDs / DVDs, media and Blu-ray discs, network mapped drives and PCs as well as non-system drives of your computer.

Windows 10 has the BitLocker, a full disk encryption feature, which can be found in Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, or Education.BitLocker is not available on Windows 10 Home edition though. Unlike BitLocker which encrypt all your data and is usually slow to encrypt large capacity hard drives with lots of data saved on them. USB Block simply blocks unauthorized access to your hard drives. Protection of your hard drives with password using USB Block is just a matter of seconds. Note that this data security software can’t help you lock system drive in Windows as the security app needs to be installed on the system drive.

Follow these simple steps to block unauthorized access to hard drives on your Windows 10 PC. Note that this software is compatible with various Windows versions, Windows 10, 8 , 7, Vista, XP, and even Windows servers.

  • Install and run the software on your Windows 10 computer
  • Set a new password when you launch it for the first time. Or enter your password if it has already been setup.
USB block set password protection windows
USB block set password protection windows
  • Switch to Control Center tab from where you can block devices and drives you need to protect your PC from. By default, only USB drives are blocked. You can disable it if like. 
  • Check Block Non-System Drives box, you will get a Alert reminding you what you are doing. Click Yes button to confirm.
block non-system drives, lock hard drives on Windows computer using USB block

Now, whenever an unauthorized user tries to access your non-system drives, he will be asked to enter password.

authorize access to hard drive through password using USB block for windows

Enter the correct password, hit Authorize to access the password-protected hard drive on your PC. You can also add a hard drive to your Authorize List, in this way, you can choose to protect only specific hard drives other than all hard drives on your PC. For example, you can firstly enable hard drive protection to block unauthorized access to all non-system hard drives on your computer, then add certain hard drives to the Authorize List. Simply check the box Remember (add to Authorize List).

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