How to lock incoming and outgoing calls on Android phones?

Are you worrying about others around you will see the number or name of the person who is calling you? As our screen lock can’t hide the name or number of caller for your incoming calls. Do you want to prevent others from answering incoming calls or making phone calls when you let them use your phone for other purposes? In this article, we will use a free Android phone privacy and security app that can lock incoming calls and outgoing calls behind a password or pattern. Without unlocking them first, no one can make phone calls or take incoming calls even if they can unlock your phone screen.

Important Tips: App lockers can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, they can provide an additional layer of security and privacy for users by preventing unauthorized access to sensitive apps and data. On the other hand, app lockers can also have negative effects. For example, they can sometimes cause technical issues, like slowing down your device, causing apps to crash, creating a false sense of security, reducing productivity. When the pattern or password is too complex or you use multiple passwords for different systems, it can be tedious and frustrating in remembering and entering them. What’s worse, you may lock yourself out of your phone or data when you lost and can’t reset these passwords or patterns.

AppLock is the security and privacy protection app you will need. You can find more details and download it below.

applock for android by domobile

How to lock incoming calls on Android phone?

Update 05/04/2023: Incoming call lock is not allowed by Android system now. The developer behind the AppLock app may try to find a solution for that. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

How to lock phone calls on Android phone?

If you do not want others to use your phone to make phone calls as extra fee may occur, you can use this app to lock phone calls behind a pattern. When you run the app locker app, you will be prompted to draw an unlock pattern. You will also be required to grant this app certain advanced permissions, such as device administrator, usage access, display or draw over other apps, auto start, protected apps, etc.

AppLock for Android to lock phone calls

From the Privacy tab of the security app, scroll down to the General section where you can find all kinds of apps on the phone. Find and tap to lock Phone app and Contacts app.

AppLock for Android to lock Contacts app

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