Lock sensitive notifications & secret messages on Android phone

Don’t want the new messages and notifications display on your lock screen or want to lock sensitive notifications & secret messages on Android phone so others wouldn’t be able to see them without unlocking the messages or chat app. In a related article, we demonstrated how you can lock apps on Samsung Galaxy phones. Following this method, you can lock your messengers and/or other apps on the phone using a pattern or PIN which is separate from your phone screen lock pattern or passcode. It is very helpful when you have a secret conversation with someone using a instant messenger and like to hide them from anyone who needs to use your phone for other purposes, such as your children playing games on your phone. By locking these apps is not efficient, as you may also receive new messages alerts in the Notification panel on the phone. These notifications and messages usually contain the sender name and the message content. To prevent others from peering your private conversation on the phone, you need to lock the notifications as well.

Normally when you do not want to receive any notifications from the applications on the phone, you can go to turn off notifications through the app’s settings. By doing so, you will not receive any notifications from the app, and there would be unnecessary to hide or lock the notifications at all. WhatsApp for Android, for example, has the options to disable or turn off notification tone, vibrate, popup notification and light from the app’s settings.

If you can’t find a way to turn off notifications from the app’s settings. The above mentioned security app that we use to lock the apps also offer us such a function to hide notifications, so when a new message arrives, you will be notified, but the sender name and message content is hidden. Check out these easy steps to lock sensitive notifications and secret messages in Notification panel on Android phone using Lockit security and privacy protection app.

Run this app on your Android phone and follow the on-screen steps to set a app lock pattern or PIN if it is the first time you run it. Go to select and lock the messenger app first could it be the stock messages app or third party instant messengers or chat apps. You can scroll up to the beginning of this post if need further assistant about how an app can be locked using this security app. After that tap the Menu button (three horizontal lines) at the top left corner of this app to open the side menu as below.

lockit app for android side menu

You can find many useful tools and features here, such as intruder selfie, app lock disguise. Choose Notification Lock from the menu, then touch the Enable Notification Lock button at the bottom to turn on this feature and hide private messages from snoopers.

enable notification lock in lockit app for android