Lock Samsung phone Settings and apps

To protect our personal data on the phone, most of us would enable the screen locker so even if the phone is in wrong hands, our data is secured by the phone screen lock, could it be a passcode, PIN, pattern or fingerprint. Sometimes however the screen lock is not enough. For example, you may need to allow others, like your kids, coworkers, friends, to use your phone. In this case, how can you lock certain some apps, photos, or other data on the phone? Also, using a Android unlocker tool, people can remove screen lock on Android phone without screen lock pattern, PIN, password or fingerprint. In this article, we will use a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone to show you how you can lock Settings and certain or all apps on the phone. The instructions below also apply to other Android powered devices, such as LG, HTC, Motorola, Nexus, Lenovo, ZTE, Huawei, Xiaomi and more.

Lock Settings and certain apps on Samsung mobile phone

Firstly you will need to download and use a security app as Samsung phone does not come with such a private data and app locker.

Secondly you need to determine which part of your phone or what kind of data you like to hide or lock from unauthorized access. If you like to protect your photos and videos taken using the Samsung phone’s camera, then you need to lock the Gallery app, My Files app and other file manager or explorer apps installed on the phone. If you do not want others to see your chat history in WhatsApp, you need to lock WhatsApp.

We recommend LOCKit app which is available for free download and use in Google Play and many other Android markets. In an earlier guide, we demonstrated how to lock apps and photos on Android mobile phones. You can refer to this linked article to get this free security app for Android phone and install it on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

The use of this security app is very straightforward. You will firstly need to set a pattern to lock the security app itself, then set a security question and answer for lock pattern or PIN recovery, finally go to lock any apps on your Samsung phone with the lock pattern or PIN.

lock settings and apps on samsung android phone using lockit

Lockit is an app locker and private data locker. You can switch to the Apps tab to lock Samsung phone Settings and any apps installed on the phone. You can also go to the Photos tab to lock and hide photos on Samsung phone. If you like to hide private videos on the phone, switch to the Videos tab to import videos and movies to this private data locker app and delete them from their original folders. As we mentioned above, if you like to protect all photos and videos in the Gallery app that are taken using the Samsung phone’s camera, then you need to lock the Gallery app, My Files app and other file manager or explorer apps installed on the phone.

To lock an app on Samsung phone using this security app is very simple. Find the app in the Apps tab within the security app, then touch the lock icon to protect it. When the Settings on Samsung phone is locked, any one tries to access the Settings will need to unlock it with the pattern or PIN you have set within the security app.

samsung android phone settings locked by lockit app


It is the same with any other apps protected by the Lockit app on the phone.

app locked by lockit on android mobile phone

Samsung mobile app locker bonus tips

  • If you want to add another layer of security to your apps and data in addition to the screen lock on the mobile phone, you should choose a different pattern or PIN code.
  • Set a pattern or passcode recovery Q&A and write it down somewhere or use a Q&A that you won’t forget. This is the only option you can use to recover forgot lock pattern or PIN.
  • When you are prompted to enable autorun by this security app, do allow it. If you missed this step, you can always turn on auto run for the app on Samsung phone later.
  • For higher level of security, we recommend you go to the Settings within this LOCKit app, find the Lock option, and enable Every time option from there so this locker app will lock every time when you start an app.
  • If you choose to lock certain apps, it is a good idea to lock the Settings app as well. By doing so, the intruder cannot access the Application manager on Samsung phone to uninstall the security app. If you do not want to lock the Settings on Samsung phone, you can also go to the Settings within this LOCKit app and turn on the Uninstall Prevention option and prevent LOCKit from being uninstalled to protect locked apps and data. This requires you to activate the app as device administrator on Android phone.