Loopback for Mac

Loopback for Mac is an audio routing software for Mac which can pass audio between applications on your Mac. It helps Mac users to easily create virtual audio devices to take the sound from apps and audio input devices, then pass it to any audio processing software on your Mac.

lookback audio routing software for mac

Combine Audio Sources

Pull audio from multiple sources, including both applications and physical audio devices, into one virtual device! Works with production apps like Logic or Reason, as well as simple audio players, like iTunes or QuickTime. Can p[ull audio from physical audio devices connected to your Mac, including USB microphones, high-end studio mixers, etc.

Powerful Channel Options

Add as many output channels as needed, then configure your routing with easy and powerful virtual wiring. Customizing exactly where audio flows is a snap.


A Pass-Thru device let you pass audio directly from one application to another, with almost no configuration required. Loopback pipes audio around for you.

System Requirements

MacOS 10.12 or higher

Download & buy

Download the free trial or purchase the full version for $99 from its official site here.

Trial version limitations

Before purchase, the quality of audio passing through Loopback’s virtual devices will be degraded after 20 minutes.

Similar Tools

Soundflower for Mac: From the same company as Loopback Audio. This however is free to download and use without any limitations. The company however discontinued SoundFlower. It is a bit difficult to get it to work. See how to install SoundFlower on Mac from this tutorial.

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