Make all PDF pages the same size on Mac

Adobe Acrobat is the most popular PDF tool. It has the file merger which can help us choose a variety of file types and combine them into a single PDF file. Supported file types include documents, spreadsheets, images, PDF files, emails and more. In earlier articles, we discussed how it can merge multiple PDF files into one and combine several pictures into one PDF. It is easy and fast to join two or more files together using Acrobat. One issue of merging files using it is that it simple take what files you have without modifying the file sizes. When you include mixed file sizes (width/height) in one PDF file, some PDF pages are bigger than others. They don’t look identical or professional.

On Windows PC, the Adobe Acrobat has the virtual printer built-in which we can use to print a combined PDF to create a new PDF with the same page size. Check out this guide to make PDF pages the same size using Acrobat on computer. Unfortunately, we can’t find the equivalent on Mac. Acrobat does not have a virtual printer option for a Mac. So how do you resize an existing PDF document with mixed page sizes on Mac?

Preview is the default PDF viewer on Mac. You can open an existing PDF file in Preview, you will have the option to save the PDF as a new file in the print dialog. Click File menu, select Print from the drop-down menu.

make all pdf pages same size using preview print on amac

In the Print dialog, you can change the page size if need. By default it is set to A4. Choose either Portrait or Landscape in the Orientation field. Disable Auto Rotate if you find some images or pages are upside down or sideways. To scale an image or page, select Scale, then enter a percentage. Select Scale to Fit to fill as much of the paper as possible. Select Print Entire Image if you don’t want the image cropped, or choose Fill Entire Paper if you want the image cropped to the proportions of the paper. Click the PDF button in the lower left corner, and select Save as PDF from the pull-down menu. Click Save in the save dialogue box, and save the PDF file with identical page size to your hard disk.

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