Make PDF pages the same size in Windows 10

A PDF file that is uniform in page sizes look more professional. If you have a PDF file of images or pages with varying page sizes (width and height), you may want to make all the page sizes the same. Microsoft Print to PDF is a feature, built into Windows 10, that lets you create a print-ready PDF file from several file formats without any third-party PDF creator. In an earlier article, we have used this utility to save web pages as PDF in Windows 10. To make all pages in a PDF file the same size on Windows 10 computer is easy. Just follow these steps.

Open the PDF file with mixed page sizes in Edge or Internet Explorer on Windows 10 PC. Click to expand the drop-down Menu and select Print. In the Print dialog, choose Microsoft Print to PDF in the Printer box. Select Portrait or Landscape in the Orientation box, select all pages in the Pages box.

microsoft print to pdf in edge browser for windows 10

Optionally click More settings near the bottom of the print window to open another dialog and change the Paper Size from there. Finally click Print button when you are satisfied with the settings, choose a location, type a name and save the revised PDF to your computer as a new file.

The merits and demerits

Microsoft print to PDF method will reduce PDF file size greatly. Meanwhile it will lower the quality of your PDF file and remove all interactive elements, flatten layers, such as forms, links, etc.

Resizing pages in a PDF – Better alternative

Unlike the Microsoft Print to PDF, Adobe Acrobat Pro has the Preflight tool that you can use to resize pages in PDF or change PDF page sizes without losing PDF quality and those interactive elements as mentioned above.