Make Ringtones for iPhone

If you want to personalize your iPhone ringtones, there are many software or apps can help you easily convert music to ringtones for iPhone. In another guide, we showed you the steps to use iTunes to convert ringtones for iPhone. iTunes is free to download for both PC and Mac, so you can actually follow this guide to convert music to iPhone ringtones for free. Some iPhone users however do not like to use iTunes, they think it is not straightforward, very difficult to use. Today, we will recommend another free tool which can help convert music songs or even videos to iPhone ringtones. Best of all, it is extremely easy to use. There will be only three simple steps to make your own ringtones with this tool.

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How to make ringtones for iPhone?

iPhone accepts only .m4r files as its ringtones. So you need a media converter which supports M4R conversion. Also since iPhone would limit the length of your ringtone, your media converter should be able to cut media files. Now download the video converter ultimate below. This is the all-in-one media solution for video converting, audio converting, video downloading, video streaming and more.

Install it on to your PC or Mac, then follow these steps to easily make ringtones for iPhone on your computer.

Step 1. Add music or movies to the media converter

You can load your favorite music songs to the converter, then convert them into ringtones. You can also extract audio tracks from your music video, movies and convert them into ringtones. Click Add Files from the top left corner to load source media files.

Step 2. Select iPhone ringtone format

Go to the right column to specify the target audio format. In this case, go to Format >> Audio >> M4R. You can find more specification about iPhone ringtone here.
create iphone ringtones
If the source music files are very long, you can click the Edit button beside the music files, to cut them. Make sure to trim the ringtones to less than 30 seconds, so they will be compatible with all iPhone models.
cut music songs

Step 3. Convert music to ringtones for iPhone

Now one click on the Convert button at the bottom right corner, your music songs added will be converted into M4R ringtone format.

You can then find the created iPhone ringtones in the output folder of this converter tool and follow this guide to transfer ringtones to iPhone through iTunes or these steps to add ringtones to iPhone without iTunes.

Once the ringtones have been sent to your iPhone, you can replace the old ringtones with the custom ringtone you have made. Here are the instructions you can follow to activate ringtones on iPhone.