Make videos black and white with Windows Movie Maker

Almost all cameras these days shoot videos in full color. For aesthetic effects, you may need to make colorful raw video footages black and white. Fortunately we found both Windows and Mac computers provide us the free video and movie editors that can convert color videos to B&W. In an earlier article, we discussed how Mac users can make black and white videos with iMovie. It is intuitive and fast. Windows users have the equivalent movie editor which is call “Windows Movie Maker”, “Microsoft Movie Maker” or just “Movie Maker”. today we will walk you through the quick process to turn your colorful video footage into black and white on Windows 10 using Microsoft Movie Maker.

Find and launch the stock video editor from Windows Start menu or the do a search in the search box from the task bar. The Home tab opens automatically. Click the Add videos and photos button, browse to your video album, pick up the video you like to edit and add it to the editor in the pop-up dialogue.

convert videos black white in windows movie maker

Switch from the Home tab to the Visual Effects tab at the top. Click to apply the Black and White effect and preview the video instantly. Windows Movie Maker provides extra B&W effects with special effects that you can choose, such as Black and white – orange filter, Black and white – red filter, Black and white – yellow filter, Black and white – cyan tone, Black and white – sepia tone.

Finally go to the File menu, choose Save movie, select the target device you like to play the black and white movie on and automatically optimize the video parameters, choose a file name, format and save the video file to your computer.

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