How to make a Wedding slideshow?

Have a lot of memorable photos and videos about your wedding and want to create amazing wedding slideshows with them? Wedding is one of the most important things and ceremonies in our lives. In this guide, we will show you how to build a wedding slideshow video easily with your memorable photos and videos. This is a DIY photo to video, photo to slideshow making tutorial. You do not have to learn any thing technical. You will learn how to  make a wedding slideshow in simply 3 steps. It is easy and takes just a few minutes. If you have recorded many videos in your wedding and want to know how to edit them, do not miss out these wedding video editing basics & tips.

How to make a Wedding slideshow movie with photos, videos and music?

Basically you will firstly need to choose your favorite photos, videos and music; secondly choose a wedding slideshow template and customize it according to your own preference; finally export wedding slideshow, transfer and play it on any device your want. Now follow us to create a wedding slideshow with your photos step by step.

Choose wedding photos, videos and music

First of all, you will need to prepare the source materials for the wedding slideshow making. You will need to pick up your favorite photos, video clips and music. There are so many beautiful pictures and moments you may want to included in a Wedding photo slideshow, such pretty bride, bride’s bouquet, wedding decoration, wedding cupcakes, wedding kiss, wedding rings, wedding venue, honey moon photos, wedding dresses, and many more. They are the very important things in creating a wedding slideshow movie. Organize all your selected photos, videos and music songs. You do not need to use any third party software, such as a photo editor, video editor, audio editor to edit these media files. Our wedding slideshow creator software provides basic file editing features for that. Continue reading following steps.

Create wedding photo slideshow

For beginners, a wedding slideshow template is essential. Here we recommend Filmora as your wedding slideshow maker software. It comes with a wide variety of wedding slideshow designs, templates, decorations, songs, etc.

When you run this slideshow maker, you will be prompted to select slideshow video aspect ratio between 4:3 and 16:9. They are the video width and height ratio. 16:9 is the default movie aspect ratio for big screen and wide screen displays. Do not change it unless you know your target video player device works better with 4:3 video aspect ratio. After that you will need to choose a slideshow design mode: either Easy Mode or Full Feature Mode. The Easy Mode will walk you through the wedding slideshow making with less distraction and customization options. It is idea for the first time users.

filmora movie maker mac

Make a wedding slideshow in less than 5 minutes

If you choose to use the Easy Mode to create a wedding slideshow, you will see these steps: 1) Add media file; 2) Select theme; 3) Select Music; 4) Preview; 5) Save and share. It takes no more than 5 minutes to create a nice looking wedding slideshow movie under the Easy Mode.

In this guide, we will mainly explain how to create a professional wedding slideshow with beautiful template, dynamic transitions, text, and your favorite songs under the Full Feature Mode of the Filmora wedding video maker. It is also very intuitive and easy to use. There is no learning curve. The operations are mostly point and click.

Step 1. Import photos, videos and songs to slideshow maker

A wedding slideshow mainly consists of photos, videos and background audios. To add photos and videos to the slideshow builder, click the Media button from the main menu bar at the middle. You can then click Import button at the top to browse to your media album, your wedding album to load source pictures and videos into this slideshow creator. To add background music to slideshow, click the Music from the middle menu bar, then open your music library on PC or Mac and import your favorite songs as the background sound for your wedding slideshow.

create wedding photo slideshow using filmora

This video maker provides users some basic colors, short video clips, and music clips you can use for free.

Step 2. Edit wedding slideshow

Once you added photos, videos and songs from computer to the slideshow builder. You need to drag and drop them from the built-in media library and music library to the Story Board or Time Line of the wedding slideshow maker. You can drag and drop images and video clips to rearrange them. You can double click on photos or videos in the Time Line to edit them. Other than these you can also make use of the Text/Credit to add text to your photos and videos, use Filters and Overlays to create special visual effects, add all kinds of shapes, badge and other elements to your photos and videos. You can also use its Split Screen feature to create a slideshow of separate screens that displaying different photos and videos in the same screen simultaneously. Do not forget to test out the Transitions. You can open the Transitions tab, select a transition effect, drag and drop it between two images in the timeline to apply it. This slideshow maker provides lots of stunning transition effects to make your wedding slideshow movie more professional. Songs in the timeline can be dragged and dropped anywhere to keep synced with the photos and videos. You can right click on a audio clip in the time line to cut, copy, paste, split, edit or delete. You can preview any change of the slideshow movie in real time using its built-in video player at the upper right section of the wedding slideshow creator. If you haven’t finished making the wedding slideshow and want to resume your work later, you can save your wedding slideshow as a project so the next time you can continue from where you left the last time.

You can refer to following guides to see some of its advanced features and the usage if like:

Save wedding slideshow as videos

When you are satisfied with the wedding slideshow video, click the Export button from its main menu bar, you will then find a lot of output options you can save the wedding photo slideshow. Depending on how you like to save and share your wedding picture show, you may choose different output file formats or options. For example, you can choose YouTube to upload your wedding slideshow movie to YouTube. You can choose to publish the wedding photo show to Facebook or Vimeo. If you want to save the wedding slideshow to your PC or Mac, send your wedding slideshow video through email, upload videos to your wedding photography blog or website, simply choose Format, then choose the video format you want, like WMV, MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, MKV, TS, etc. If you plan to play the wedding slideshow at a wedding reception or want to share your wedding day photos with family and friends, you may burn wedding slideshow video to DVD so you can play it on big TV screen. Want to build your wedding slideshow on computer, then transfer to mobile devices? If so, choose Device tab, you can then save the wedding slideshow movie for various devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Android mobile phones, Nexus, Xbox one, Sony PS4, Wii, Sony TV and so on.

filmora movie output options

Burn wedding slideshow to DVD

Insert a blank DVD disc to your PC or Mac drive and use export it from the slideshow maker to the DVD so you can play it on regular DVD players as well.

filmora export video - burn video from PC to dvd disc