Merge audio files using LosslessCut on computer

LosslessCut is the swiss army knife of lossless video/audio editing for Windows, Mac and Linux. Its free and open source. In an earlier post, we used it to merge two video files for free on PC.

merge multiple video files into one

Today, we will show you how to use the same built-in tool to merge/concatenate two audio files, music songs, sound recordings. Before we get started, download this free video/audio editor program onto your computer.

LosslessCut free video audio editor for windows

Part 1. Three ways to import audio tracks to the editor

There are different ways you can add your audio files or music songs to LosslessCut. You can simply select all the audio files in Windows File Explorer, then drag and drop them to LosslessCut. You can also go to the File > Open menu, then select and add two or more audio files to it. Additionally, you can click Tools from the top menu bar, choose Merge/concatenate files from the menu list.

losslesscut for windows tools merge files

Part 2. Put your audio files in order

Once you have added all sound tracks or music songs to the editor, you will get the media file list on the left pane of the editor program.

LosslessCut for Windows batch audio files list

On this Batch file list, you can sort your audio files alphabetically or drag and drop to reorder your songs, audios, voice recordings in the list. Put your files in the order you want them to appear in the final audio.

Part 3. Combine audio files into one

Click the Merge button above the batch file list, then customize the settings. For example, you can enable the compatibility check, select output audio format, choose output file name before you merge all audios, music into one.

Combine audio files, sound recordings, music songs into one using LosslessCut for Windows

Click the Merge button to combine all audio files and save it to the output directory of LosslessCut program.

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