Merge duplicate contacts on Android phones

Do you have many duplicate contacts on Android phone want to merge or combine? Double check your Contacts app on the phone see if there is any options to merge contacts and/or delete duplicate contacts on the phone. If these features are missing on your phone, you can use third party software or app to merge contacts and remove duplicates. In this article, we will introduce you a free Android app for this job. It can help you easily find out all duplicate contacts and invalid numbers on Android phone and merge duplicate contacts on Android phones, delete duplicate contacts in easy steps.

Merge duplicate contacts on Android phones

wesync for android

WeSync app for Android is the only app we need in order to merge contacts on Android mobile phones. You can search and find it from many Android market like Google Play. Install this app on your Android phone and tap to run it, you will see its main interface like this.

wesync organize contacts on android

This app works with almost all Android phones, like Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Nexus, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Sony, Sharp and many others. You will see how many contacts you have saved on your mobile phone from the home page of this WeSync app. For example, we are using a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone in this demo, you can see it has 363 contacts saved on the phone from the bottom left corner of previous screenshot. From the center area of the home page, you will be prompted to log in. However we do not have to sign up an account or log in if you want just to manage and merge contacts on Android phone. Touch the three lines menu button at the top left corner from its home screen, you will open its main menu like below.

Tap “Organize Contacts” from above menu of the app on your Android phone to begin managing your contacts and phone numbers. You will then find various options to organize contacts on Android phone:

  1. Merge Contacts;
  2. Organize invalid phone number;
  3. Export to SD Card;
  4. Import SIM Card Contacts:
  5. Delete contacts.
    organize contacts on android phone using wesync

Choose “Merge Contacts” from above screen on your Android mobile phone. You will then be taken to a new screen like below.

merge contacts on android phone using wesync

The WeSync app will automatically find out those duplicate contacts on your mobile phone. Click “Smart Merging” from above screen, duplicate contacts will be merged. If the app fails to find duplicate contacts on the phone, it will offer you the “Manual Merging” option which allows you to pick up any contacts and merge the duplicate contacts manually.