Merge Duplicate Contacts on iPhone iPad

There are many different ways you can sync or add contacts from external sources or mobile phones to an iPhone or iPad. For example, you can sync contacts to iPhone through iTunes, you can sync contacts to iPhone through email, you can even directly import contacts in VCF format to iPhone via email. Sometimes we may have the same contact or phone number saved on different devices or phones, thus when you sync the contacts across different accounts or devices, you get duplicate contacts. If you find the contacts on iPhone or iPad duplicate or you have various copies of each contact showing up in iPhone, how to combine or merge duplicate iPhone contacts?

Important tips for merging contacts

Delete & Merge Duplicate Contacts on iPhone iPad – Method 1

MobileGo is a powerful iPhone and Android phone data manager. You can use it to quickly find out all duplicate contacts on iPhone. Download the free trial version of this software on to your PC or Mac below.

Run this program on your computer and connect up iPhone to computer via USB data cable. This iPhone file manager utility will detect your iPhone and lists all kinds of support file types at the left menu. See below figure.

delete and merge duplicate iphone contacts using mobilego

Click Contacts from the left navigation panel, you can then preview all the contacts and phone numbers. You can manually select those duplicate contacts and click the Delete button from the top tool bar to remove all selected duplicate contacts from iPhone. You can also use its smart duplicate contacts merging feature. Click De-duplicate button at the top bar, this tool can then automatically find out and list all duplicate contacts on iPhone. Sometimes you may need to try a different match type to find more duplicate contacts on iPhone iPad and merge the duplicate contacts using this utility. You can select certain duplicate contacts group to merge or select multiple or all group and merge all duplicate contacts at once.

merge duplicate contacts on mobile phone using mobilego

Merge Duplicate Contacts on iPhone iPad – method 2

Here we recommend Tunesgo software for you which is a comprehensive iOS device manager. It comes with both Windows and Mac OS X versions you can choose.

Install and run this iPhone manager on your computer, you will see its home screen looks like this.
tunesgo ios manager home
Now connect your iPhone or iPad to computer via USB to get started. Go to iPhone >> Contacts from the left navigation panel of this iPhone manager software. You should then see all contacts from your iPhone. Click ‘De-duplicate‘ button from the top tool bar.

de-duplicate iphone contacts

You will then have the choice to select which account(s) you want to search duplicate contacts from, including contacts on local storage of iPhone, contacts from Exchange or email accounts, contacts from CardDAV, etc. If you do not have email accounts or CardDAV accounts configured on iPhone, you will not see these items. If you do not want to merge contacts from certain account, just uncheck it below.

search duplicate contacts from selected accounts on iphone

The iPhone file manager will then search for all duplicate contacts from your selected account on iPhone and you will be presented with the search result page with all duplicate contacts as shown in below screenshot.
merge duplicate contacts on iphone

From here, there will be 4 steps to merge duplicate iPhone contacts as listed below:

Step 1. Select contacts match type

this is to filter the duplicate contacts on iPhone. Different filter types may find different contacts. You can choose to compare the name, phone number, email or different combinations of them to filter duplicate contacts.

Step 2. Select duplicate contacts

Click the checkbox in front of each contact to select or not select it. Then preview contacts.

Step 3. Edit duplicate contacts optionally

This software will automatically merge each field, including name, account, phone, email and so forth. But if like, you can also manually change the name, account, phone, email according to your preference before you merge them. For example, if the contact person has two or more email addresses and some of them are expired. This software can’t detect which email account is not in use, so you manually delete the unused email account by yourself.

Step 4. Merge duplicate contacts on iPhone iPad

Click the Merge button to combine each pair or group of duplicate contacts, or click the Merge Selected button to merge all selected iPhone contacts.