How to merge images in Windows 11?

Are you looking for a method to combine two or more image files into one on your computer which is running on the latest Windows 11? If so, this guide is just for you. Windows 11 comes with the Paint app which we can use to merge multiple pictures or photos. Today, we are going to show you the quick steps to join two images with Paint app on Windows 11 PC.

Find and launch the Paint app from the Start menu or do a search for it from the Windows search bar to quickly find it.

Once the Paint app starts, you will see the canvas (the white background) with three small white squares on the right, bottom borders and the bottom right corner. Move your mouse pointer to one of the small squares, click and drag the square to decrease or increase the canvas size and make room for all the photos or pictures to be inserted. For example, if both images are 500*400px, then you may adjust the canvas to 1000*800px. The size of the canvas can be found at the bottom status bar of the paint window.

merge images, pictures, photos using paint app in Windows 11

Click the down arrow below the Paste icon and choose Import from the drop-down menu. Select and insert the first of the images that you want to join together. Drag the image to the position you want on the white background. Then repeat the above steps to add extra pictures.

Click the Save button, then choose a folder, type in a file name, select file type, finally save the merged images to your computer.

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