How to Merge iPhone Voice Memos Recordings?

Voice Memos app is a very useful voice recording app for iPhone iPad and iPod touch users. You can use it to record any voice on your mobile as your voice memos, iPhone ringtones, etc. Check out this guide and see how you can convert voice memos and recordings to ringtones for iPhone. If you recorded a very long voice, such as a lecture or speech, you can trim voice memos on iPhone to save only your favorite part of a lengthy voice recording. This can also help free up some space on iPhone. iPhone Voice Memos allows users to cut voice recordings, however sometimes we may want to do the opposite, combining two or more voice memos into one. Today, we will demonstrate how you can join multiple iPhone voice memos and recordings.
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How to Merge iPhone Voice Memos & Voice Recordings?

There are mainly three steps to join multiple iPhone voice memos or recordings into one. Check out the details below.

Step 1. Transfer voice memos from iPhone to computer

Firstly you will need to transfer the voice memos or recordings from iPhone to computer. We will use a media converter on the computer to do that. There are different ways you can copy voice memos from iPhone to your PC or Mac. If you do not like iTunes, you can refer to this guide to back up voice memos from iPhone to computer . This solution can easily copy any selected or all voice memos, even though very lengthy and big voice recordings to computer in blazing fast speed and it is much easier to use than iTunes. If you only need to export a few voice memos or recordings and they are short and small, you can simply send voice memos from iPhone through email, then download voice memos from email to your computer.

Step 2. Install iPhone voice memos converter software

Secondly, you need to download a media converter which has the capability to edit and combine iPhone voice memos or recordings. Here we suggest Video Converter Ultimate. It is an all-in-one video and audio converter. We have many articles introducing this great tool recently. It is powerful enough to convert, edit, merge, split, rotate all kinds of videos or audios for various devices and players, such as smartphones, tablets, TV sets, websites and many more. You can take a look at this guide to convert any videos to iPhone, just as an example. Now download this software on to your PC or Mac below.

Step 3. Merge iPhone voice memos

Run this media converter on your computer, drag and drop the iPhone voice memos to this converter software. Optionally choose output audio format you like. By default iPhone voice memos will be M4A audios, if you do not like to change audio format, make sure to select M4A as the output format. If you like to play iPhone voice memos on any devices, you may consider to convert iPhone voice memos to MP3 format which is compatible with almost all major devices and players.
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Go to the bottom of this media tool, select “Merge all videos into one file“, then click Convert button to merge the audio files into one. Your iPhone voice memos will be combined into one file instantly. After that you can find the new audio file from the output folder of this media converter.

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